Sunday, December 25, 2005

It takes a community

Jesus came with a new way. Certainly a new way to be human. A new way to be Israel. A new covenant. The goal is nothing less than a new creation, replacing the old (2 Corinthians 5:17).

What that looks like now is a community. I call that the community of Jesus. Or you can call it the community of faith. It consists of all who name the name of Jesus as Lord and who gather together and then go out- as his body.

It takes nothing less than a community to proclaim Jesus and God's kingdom come in him. Jesus started this, in fulfillment of Scripture (Matthew 5:17-20). We as his body here on earth continue that work that is based in him and his unique work for us (Acts).

This blog will be an attempt to major on this in different ways. Some of it will be reflections on different matters that may seem in themselves to not be related to the theme of this blog. But actually all things are related, even if only to point out that there is room for enjoying God's creation as the unique person you and I are.

So let's think together. In all of this I pray that we can really be bringing more of a sense of community to our world, the community of Jesus.


Rusty Peterman said...


Thanks for starting this blog. I'm reading Scot's book now and looking forward to learning from both of you.


Ted Gossard said...

Rusty, I look forward to learning from you, brother. I'm certainly a learner, trying to sit at the feet of Jesus through sitting at the feet of servants like yourself. And it is a blessing also to learn from "the learned" (i.e., scholars), like Scot and others. I'm right now being blessed in reading N.T. Wright's "Jesus and the Victory of God".