Wednesday, June 28, 2006

how to be pragmatically prolife- from "The Anti-Manichaeist"

"dlw" over at his blog, "the Anti-Manichaeist" has an interesting take on the abortion debate, and how politically, something substantially could be done to stem the tide of abortions in our country.

I would encourage us to consider his thoughts and perhaps enter into a discussion there.


Drew B Moser said...

thanks for this...

Allan R. Bevere said...

An interesting approach. It needs to be said that the law is a modest helper at best, but the church seems to think that changing it is the be-all and end-all of our mission.

I have come to believe that the church will make more of an impact on the abortion issue if we were ready to sacrificially care for pregnant mothers and their unborn children.

I would not be disappointed if Roe V. Wade were overturned tomorrow; but it seems to me that a more decisively Christian approach to the problem of abortion is to offer our resources and ourselves in the care of the "least of these," which includes unborn children and their mothers.

DLW said...

Thanks man.

I think more prolife activism will be better directed at the community level in sacrificially caring for mothers if we pressed for the constitutional amendment inherent in my idea.

The key here is reframing the essence of the politics of abortion. I wrote this up well just now.

it’s a matter of strategy. What matters is reframing the issue as being fundamentally about how we determine the defined circumstances when women may elect an abortion or alternatively when the human born are first treated as legally-protected persons with protections against arbitrary loss of life similar to that currently given to new born infants.

The best thing others can do is to tell others about my idea and we'll see if it spreads and catches on within the blogosphere.


Ted Gossard said...

Drew, Your welcome.

Allan, Amen. I certainly agree with you here. Well said.

dlw, Your welcome. I'll keep reading your thoughts. I'd like to see some political hay made towards making abortion a thing of the past. I think an approach like yours is worth considering towards that end.