Saturday, September 09, 2006

getting ourselves together

For various reasons, we probably have a sense of needing to "get ourselves together", when we've reached the end of a week into a weekend. Weekends are at least a good change of pace, though they can be packed with different kinds of pressure. I at least want some time away from pressure.

The work week takes its toll on us, and really takes a part of us. This is especially true for some. Especially for those of us working in jobs that, while we are blessed to work, really are not up our alley. Getting the job done, even when we have good relationships going on (which itself takes work) is part of what are the high points of such days, yet we go home spent, and by the end of the week we're glad for a break from it all.

That gets to the point of this post. How do we "get ourselves together"? I know as one in Jesus that we really do need God's help in all of this. How do you get yourself together after a challenging week? Of course we all have some "to-do" list, if only in our heads. The tyranny of things that need to be done. Though without the pressure of the expectations of the workaday world.

While we need to work at "attending" daily to Jesus, in our prayers, in "devotions", surely it is good when we magnify such times during weekends. It is all too easy to let that get buried in work at home, entertainment, nice getaways or just sheer doing nothing- all of which, of course, have their place. I like to do all of this in the context of family. I have a sense of at least needing to be with others, even if we're engaged in our own projects or past times. Yet spending time together.

And of course, there is the vital need for meeting with the community of Jesus. To work at the fellowhips and edification of the Body of Christ, of which we are a part.

Are there any thoughts out there on this anyone would like to share with us?


Ted Gossard said...

I went to Jim Martin's blog, and found a piece directly related to this. And with some good answers. Here's the link:

L.L. Barkat said...

I got myself together this morning... it was dawn... quiet and lightly cool... I dipped into 1 Kings 18 and saw this...

"How long will you go limping with two different opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him."

A small invitation to get oneself together by choosing one path... God's path.

Ted Gossard said...


Yeah. Sometimes I need that reminder. I veer off the Way, hardly realizing it, though really, when you get right down to it, I knew better.

Ted Gossard said... least most of the time- I would guess.

KM said...

Sabbath works for me. It's peace carved out of chaos, and it reminds me of which Culture I'm really a part of. That always sets me up with a sound orientation for the new week and whatever side of life comes with it.

I might check back on you sometime.

God bless you,

Ted Gossard said...

Thanks for your good thought on the Sabbath. We're surely very weak at practicing this today. You express it well: "it reminds me of which Culture I'm really a part of." etc.