Friday, September 14, 2007


Mission in Jesus takes us into territory unknown to common, ordinary, everyday thinking. It makes us think about things that would never occur to others. But that's what mission in Jesus does; we end up walking in the way of Jesus, in ways that make little or no sense to our world, and sometimes don't seem to make sense to us.

If our goal is to live something of the American dream, then the true way of Jesus will make little or no sense to us. If our goal is to live a long, secure life, avoiding all that could harm us, then the way of Jesus will at least give us pause. If our goal is to grab for all the gusto we can get in this life, then we put the way of Jesus for us in complete jeopardy.

The way of Jesus. It's a hard way for us sinners. But by grace through the Spirit in Jesus, it ends up being for us rest, purposeful activity and communion. Still it's not easy for us to unlearn our old ways. Yet that is exactly what we're to be in the process of doing.

As we do, in Jesus, we find we're on glorious mission. To be the people of God in this world. To participate in the very works of God in Jesus. This sense of mission is so important to us if we're to really live as God intends us to live here. We need to pray that God will help us see ourselves as those on mission in Jesus. Seeking to live out God's will for us in Christ for others, to bring them the good news of the kingdom of God come in Jesus.

What would you add here?


Anonymous said...

i think that this should be done with nothing in mind as for as expectations into the future. or plans for our future. i think that seeking God's will, in Christ, is an "unfolding".

we do not suddenly see a mission and do it and that is all, i think our whole life in Jesus is our main mission, an unknown road with trust. i think that we do not have to think so much about what we are being...i think that our thoughts should be on continually connecting with God, with trust, so that we can be led.

we do not have to know where we are going or how long it will take, or how we are going to do it. people worry too much and trust too little.

i think that this is "our job" seek God, trust God, be led by the Spirit.

be aware of the Spirit.

be aware of the Holy Spirit within.


is our way
to be in
"God's mission"

Ted M. Gossard said...

Nancy, That we're on mission and to be seeking to be led by the Spirit in this, are excellent points.

I think what I refer to are possible distractions which can get in the way of that.

I like your thoughts. I think we seek to do this between ourselves and God as well as in fellowship with the people of God in Jesus.

Anonymous said...

yes, i see now...i was stuck on the mission part. so you are saying... when we are not paying attention, when we are easly distracted, the way that we are being changed can look very odd...even to ourself. as it is sure to look very silly or strange to many without the Holy Spirit making changes in their heart and mind. it is a wonderful process that the Holy Spirit takes us through, not always easy or pleasant, but, wonderful.

lorenzothellama said...

Hello Ted, thank you for visiting my blog so often. I am off to Turkey tomorrow for a holiday of sailing and I hope, to visit Ephesus.
I get very confused about religious talk as I struggle, but I will light some candles, for both of us!
Love from Lorenzo.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks, Lorenzothellama. Have a great time on your vacation.