Thursday, January 26, 2006

It takes a community (part two)

This blog's first posting was about the need for a special community. Community is a welcome topic in our postmodern society, as people are seeing it's importance for living on our globe. And community actually goes back to the triune God in whom community is inherent as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God in his love desires to take us humans as members and participants in that divine community.

Why is it that we are often so chronically willing to go it alone? Knowing we're stumbling, falling and limping along in life, yet avoiding community?

In Genesis we find that sin brought disconnect- from humans and God, and from humans and each other. Community suffered. It was often shattered. That which did exist was a broken and poor representation of what God had in mind for humankind.

God's remedy? A new human- Jesus. And from and in him new humans- nothing less than the community of God. In the end we find that God dwells with his people in the new Jerusalem- the new heaven and the new earth. Community is restored as it was intended to be.

It takes a community. We in Jesus are one body in community. Only as such does each one of us begin to realize our unique, special calling. How we're each special to God and to each other. And we invite and welcome all to do the same. Becoming more and more like Jesus as we live that out together in this world.

So are we committed, really committed to true community? Not only community. But the Jesus community? With our hearts and lives? Beginning at home? Then our churches? Our neighborhoods and workplaces? And into the difficult places to which we may be called? God, help us and make it so. Amen.

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