Saturday, February 03, 2007

be open to God's creativity

One of the deadly enemies of the Christian life is the notion that when we hear the word "holy", for example, we know what that means. We can see how it applies to various categories (such as sexual faithfulness, etc.). The end.

While these things from Scripture must always be held as true for our lives, we need to be open to God's creativity, as God's people in Christ, in this world. What might God have us do in a given situation, other than, and more than simply doing what is right as given to us from his Word/Scripture.

Jesus is an example during the unique time of his instigating the new covenant. Forgiveness, restoration, reconciliation and salvation were all present in Jesus and by his redemptive work when he was on earth. So when he touched the unclean, as he did with lepers, and others, instead of becoming unclean himself, the ones he touched became clean.

When we're in a situation in which we are seeking to live in the grace of God in Christ, to be faithful to God and God's revealed will, let's be open to another thing we might do, in the situation, which could have the touch of God on it. In keeping with "the Jesus Creed", loving God with all our being and doing, and loving our neighbor as ourselves (including the call of Jesus to love our enemies).

Let's seek, in Jesus, to look and see beyond, just the obvious (which, admittedly, at times, can be skewed in our minds). And find ways that we can express the ongoing work of the love of God in Christ. And let us do that both in our individual lives and issues (which, in a way, are never just individual), as well as together, as the community of God's new creation in Christ, in this world.

What creative acts come to mind for you, which go beyond avoiding sin, or fulfilling righteousness? Or what else might you like to add here?

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