Saturday, February 17, 2007


Regularity is a good thing in many ways. We won't go into all the ways here. But suffice it to say, that it is good in so many ways.

I love vacations. We need more of them. Really, they need to become regular too. But it's more like regular in just a very few times each year. But we need real get aways (which, I really have not done well enough, in my 50+ years). But when the vacation is done, as much as we enjoyed it, I look forward to getting back into the regular routine.

Regular to me means being in Scripture and in prayer, regularly, all day long. Being with my family as much as possible. Spending regular special times each day with my wife, Deb. Being with friends at work. Working. Driving down the street, normally listening to NPR. Maybe walking the dog (the snow banks around here now, don't really lend to that; so she's tied out in the back part of the time). Reading good books. Engaging in good conversations. Face to face. And through blogging.

Regular to me is good. What we do regularly, shapes us, for better or for worse. If I regularly do anything that is not good and perhaps misusing God's good creation, then I have to break this pattern that becomes set, by this regular (irregular) practice. We do that by engaging in another habit and practice regularly, that can help us break the old, destructive habit and pattern. Like going to a Scripture passage and pondering it, line by line. Or listening to some uplifting music, especially of, or about the Story of God from Scripture.

I used to suffer from fairly significant depression (never diagnosed). Even took a couple of prescribed drugs, but got off them, preferring depression to the side effect (and really, the effect. Though I understand that some people have to take them, just as taking other helpful drugs.). But now, there is so much to do, so many good things to enjoy, that frankly I have no time to get depressed. And during those dips when I do (normally, for "reasons"), they don't last long, as God, I believe, in one way or another, gets me looking to him and his goodness. (Though in the afternoon, I probably look depressed, feeling like a zombie. I'm not an afternoon person. Though some loud yells and carrying on, in our factory, can get those endorphins rolling again. Another great time to get into the Word and prayer, and really try to open oneself to God.)

Regularity. It's good. A gift from God. Full of surprises and blessing along the way. Then we, in turn, can be a blessing to others. As they regularly see the love of God in Christ in our lives.

What would you like to add about regularity, from your own life or thoughts?

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