Wednesday, March 14, 2007

a favorite state or country (to move to)

If there is any state, or even country, other than the state or country you live in, that you would like or choose to live in, which would it be, and why?

I guess I'll start. I used to say Vermont. I love the scenery there (from pics). I still like it. I also like the idea of Oregon. For similar reasons. New Mexico sounds good as well. I love the scenery, and what I read of the weather. Arkansas, around the Ozarks sounds good to me. I love Alberta (I have been there). Really, it's hard to choose. So I don't know. Guess I'll go with....New Mexico for now. With Arkansas a close second. That way I get my wife, Deb, out of the colder weather, which she dislikes.


RonMcK said...

What about New Zealand.

Ted Gossard said...

Ron, What a lovely idea. I've heard it said that some consider it the most beautiful country in the world.

What are the temperatures like there? And the seasons?