Saturday, July 07, 2007

enjoying my new hobby

Here's some pics from the digital camera which is becoming one of my favorite fun things to do:

My sisters, Cheryl and Maxine. Deb and I.

Our daughter Tiffany. Our dog Cleo(patra).

Deb and her favorite animal: a horse.

Summer beauty at Pokagon State Park (Indiana).


Llama Momma said...

Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing.

Now, can I make an itty bitty fashion suggestion? You've got to lose those black socks with the shorts.

Ted Gossard said...

haha, Llama Momma,

I'd never wear that in public (I hope). Around the house I might dress in ways that I would not otherwise, though I end up posting this for all to see!

KM said...

I'm not sure why, Ted, but I always imagined you bearded! :-)

Am glad all is well.
Have a great evening!

Ted Gossard said...

KM, I did have one for four years awhile back, but Deb grew tired of it. Said she wanted to see my face, and besides, she didn't like the hair scratching her face I guess. But it was nice not to have to shave, though I'm used to it now.

Thanks, and you too!