Saturday, December 22, 2007

Advent and faith

Quite often it is the case that when we feel stuck, or out of sorts, not knowing what to do- it can be a matter of our lack of faith. We find ourselves stuck at a crossroads or down the wrong path, and really our faith seems to be going nowhere, or is stagnant. I find this to be true of myself at times.

The Magi (see this) were led by this mysterious star which led them all the way to Bethlehem where they worshiped this new King and presented gifts to him worthy of a king. Then they returned, by God's direction avoiding King Herod who was bent on destroying this new King.

Faith for us is key to be led to look towards Jesus in the first place, to be led to him and to worship him, giving our best and our all to him. We need to be thinking this season of Jesus in his coming. God becoming flesh in the Person of his Son, God's final Word to us. This is what the narrative of the New Testament is all about. God being revealed in Jesus, and what all of that means for us all, and for the world.

Everything else then, can take its proper place in light of this wonderful revelation to us, as we embrace this revelation and gift by faith. Our faith may be weak and wobbly, but it can become stronger and more steady as we keep our eyes on the star which leads our eyes to become fixed on Jesus.

Whatever faces us, let's remember this star, and Jesus. And let's worship him this season, giving our best and our all to him.

How do you think this star can apply to our lives? How can this help us, or even hinder us? Or whatever you might like to add here.


NaNcY said...

beats trying to read a map

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, I like to see a map, but only if I have the direction before me, with miles and all. And if nothing else, just the directions.

But God promises to lead us along as we trust him, throughout life. Cool. And actually beautiful. I wish I was far more open to that than thinking all too often I know the way and what I should do, already. I need more of an interactive faith that depends on the word and the Spirit.

NaNcY said...

the battle

the enemy would have us fight by his rules and wants us to think that we need to be strong and do the fighting.

God, however, would have us be protected with his power and armor and allow Him to do the fighting, and us living by the Spirit in faith and love so that Gods power is used.

the enemy does not want for us to be in the hand of God.

ongoing intraction and relationship between us and God is what God wants.

it is best for us and best for God if we can rest in Him.

peace to you
and love
in Jesus

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for your words.

I think what you say is true, there needs to be a radical dependence on God. At the same time we are told to take up and stand firm- in the battle. So I guess I see us clearly as having our part to do, but it should be as those who do so in the strength of the Lord, by his power, and not our own.

I do think I need others in this, even as Paul in that Ephesians 6 passage wants all God's people to pray for each other. Sometimes we need to help another who may be faltering by our prayers, then in turn they can help us. Not enough of this happens, I'm afraid.