Monday, December 03, 2007

Advent: season of hope

The Advent candle lit Sunday morning in our worship service represents hope fulfilled in Jesus.

The story of Israel is one of promise, covenant and failure on the part of Israel. We see this time and again in the Old Testament. What marks the end of the Old Testament is one of renewed hope, yet somewhat despairing, because though a number of Jewish exiles had returned to the land, and the temple had been rebuilt, the grand promises of the prophets in the Old Testament and the hope of the Messiah which was kindled into a blaze during the Intertestamental period (the time between the Old and New Testament) were not yet realized. Israel was under the heel of a foreign invader; it certainly did not seem that God was King in the way he had promised.

Hope in the midst of despair. When we're in despair our hope can wane, diminish with even the danger of disappearing. We can lose all hope, which means we're in despair. How many of us are there right now concerning something or maybe a number of things in our lives. Things in which in our heads we can see God's promises for us to help in those matters, yet for whatever reason they remain unresolved.

Hope is found in the story of God and in the coming of a little baby boy into the world, something we remember and celebrate this season. Because of this coming, this advent, we know that by faith we will receive all the benefits and blessings from God through this. Not just for ourselves, but for all. This is God's gift to all.

Advent is a season of hope. Let's not let go of that hope, but hold on to it by faith. Let's do so with others, and let's look for the beginnings of God's fulfillment to us in Jesus here and now, in the unfolding of God's good will first in our lives, and then through them into the lives of others.


lorenzothellama said...

We have three purple candles and a pink one. I think the pink one gets lit on the third Sunday in Advent.

I am very worried about Maalie's hand. I don't like the look of that black spot at all. Did you ever read Treasure Island and Blind Pew?

The Blonde accused Maalie of being 'a runcible fellow'. Maalie isn't the Blonde you know. In anycase he was wearing his little woolly hat, and also hadn't shaved for a few days if the stubble was anything to go by.

See you at Martin's for Christmas Pud? I'll ask Shammy too.

Love Lorenzo.

Ted M. Gossard said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I've reading nothing of either of the two. My failure to read the classics is one of my 1,874 regrets in my life. Too old now, really too busy, too whatever....

The black spot on Maalie's hand: unless its that small spot on the tip of his finger, I don't know what you're referring to. If it's that small it's probably just something to keep one's eyes on, as the doctor told me once, or I read it or whatever.

Runcible I just read is a nonsense word, though dictionaries describe it as some fork, three pronged, for pulling out weeds? Well, anyhow it does sound like it has some use so maybe that was a compliment from the Blonde.

Wool sounds good. I don't know as much about advent candles as I ought, but I'll pay closer attention, now that you bring it up.

Would love to be at Martin's. How many (miles) are you from there? I'm not sure how many thousand we are. It would be nice to meet you and everyone else there.

Anonymous said...

hey brother ted!
i love Jesus and the hope that God has brought to humans! God is Good!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen to that, Nancy!

Anonymous said...

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