Tuesday, February 26, 2008

like the flu

Like the flu can be that issue that puts us on our bottoms so to speak, down but not out, in our walk in God. I encountered that again yesterday evening in a rare bout of anxiety. That's not why I've posted late. I actually am trying to do better in getting enough sleep, and am determined to do so. But back to the point. I know God is good. I know God is God. And therefore I know I should not worry. In fact, as a friend has pointed out to me in the past, it is a sin. And a sin is to be repented of.

I used to worry on a regular basis. A chronic worrier. It seems at least in comparison to that that I'm hardly a worrier at all anymore. So when this newest episode hit me, it probably hit me in more ways than one. "Here we go again! Same old, same old, and I hate it." I have to say I'm now over it by grace and by grace alone. Like the flu is what I call "anxiety" or the anxious feelings, or fear, which follow worry. And after sincere repentance of our lack of faith in God it takes some time for that emotion of fear to dissipate and be gone, as my friend pointed out. Maybe I have just some of the aftereffects of anxiety left, but in answer to prayer and by faith, I believe the Lord has taken care of it. Though I'm not sure how much faith I exercised in this; maybe more than I think as I'm used to such attacks coming and going fairly soon; this one held on longer.

This ended up being a case of others praying for me I think, or at least my wife doing so, although in the past I bombarded her with so many requests for such prayer, that it had become kind of an ongoing request. I'm sure she did, though. It's also an opportunity to grow so that I will be less likely to worry next time that temptation arises, and if I do to get over it sooner with the proper repentance needed. I hardly know how that growth occurs; it's more like an assimilation of truth as revealed by God from Scripture and in Jesus. It more and more seeps into our hearts and lives, becoming more and more a part of who we are.

Any of you out there with anything to say on this?


Anonymous said...

i am very glad that you making sure that you are getting your sleep. very glad indeed.

i pray for your continued rest in Jesus.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks, Nancy. You're a good sister.

Rachel Mc said...

Ted I am praying for you too! Even though we are just getting to know each other, I read your posts everyday and they have helped me so very very much. I used to be a worry too, and it would get so bad I feel it blocked me from God. I don't believe I ever had anxiety attacks but I had days where I called in sick and went back to bed for the entire day. Something just sort of got to me one day and I told myself God doesn't want this nor cause it. So, I eat better, try to exercise, try to get descent amount of sleep, journal write (a lot) and just keep telling God no matter what, I will always love Him and believe in Him. Hang in there ted, you are so very important to your family and to everyone who reads your blog daily. Peace

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for your most kind words, and for your example you share with us here. And great to see how the Lord helped you in your faith in regard to this. Thanks for your prayers, too.