Wednesday, February 20, 2008

looking good

Looking good is so overrated. What I'm thinking of is in our serving in ministry; how we come across. If people are blown away by us, then their focus is wrong; if people are unimpressed by us, then we're in good company.

We want, in Jesus, to be faithful. We want God's work to go forward through our prayers and lives and service. Whatever anyone thinks about us is beside the point. As God does his work, they can learn to see what's really important. That it's not about us, but it's all about him.

And what's most important is that they may see Jesus in and among us. Yes, by grace to actually see him in sensing that there's much more to us than meets the eye. Really nothing else matters at all. That is what counts in God's eyes, and needs to be our priority and passion.

What would you add or any thoughts on this?


L.L. Barkat said...

In fact, sometimes when we don't look so good but He looks good in us, that is a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

it is very important in where our focus is, i agree.

and what we see or what anyone else sees is not as important as what God sees.

God's view is eternal.

and i think that it is good for non believers to see Jesus in and among believers...also, it is good and very important for believers to see Jesus in other believers and in non believers.

it is very important to understand that it is all about God's will and what counts in God's eyes.

and since we do not see through the eyes of God and all that God sees, it requires faith and trust from us in His will instead of our own.

thank you for bringing up these thoughs for me to process.

and i was thinking that how "in this world" do we expect to be liked and rewarded by people that live of the world when we live a spiritual battle againt what we believe in.

i am encouraged by your message of focus.

God bless you and protect you and your family from evil.

Every Square Inch said...


I've spent a good amount of time promoting Gospel Translations initiative over the past few months.

And, one of the things I try to think about as I do so is that I don't want to come across as "clever" or "having sacrificed" for the cause. Because it detracts from what God is doing - it's about Him, not me.

Thanks for another reminder. By the way, check out if you get a chance.

The Walk said...

I would totally disagree with your post, Ted, but that wouldn't look good.


This is something that really gets me a lot. Every time I think I'm finally beginning to get a handle on it, it catches me again. I worry SO MUCH about what "important" people, like my favorite pastor or college professor think. And I take most of the people in my life totally for granted. It causes so many train wrecks around me.

Thank you for this post (were you reading my mind? Don't you dare tell anyone any of the other craziness you read in there!)

I would appreciate it, though, if you could be praying for me, though, that I could learn to get a handle on this.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. That can become so evident. I think it can be a rebuke of our propensity to look on the outward appearance, while the Lord looks on the heart.


Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for your thoughts on this. We have to let people's estimation of us go by the wayside as we seek to please God. And then hopefully in all of this, they can "see" Jesus in us.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks ESI for your words and witness in this. And I'll have to check that out. I know it's a good work.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Haha, the Walk, j/k,

I promise I won't tell!

Yes, it's not easy, and half the battle is knowing the problem. Then we can confess it to God, he forgives and cleanses us and helps us grow in our walk towards all others. It's Jesus in us and among us that makes the difference in our lives and witness to the world. And yes, I'll pray. Thanks.

Craver Vii said...

I was going to disagree with your post also, because it goes against the teachings of a great theologian. What was his name? Um, the "Fernando" guy from Saturday Night Live. Youuu lllook mmmmarvelous!

Ted M. Gossard said...

yeah, right! Craver. I guess I'm not well versed on Saturday night live, though I do remember having a few good laughs from them, particularly on politics. Good when we can laugh in a healthy way, and here, over our desire to look good, when the reality is nothing fancy, or even ugly.