Saturday, February 07, 2009

dropping "blogs' most recent posts"

I deleted "blog's most recent posts" this morning. I didn't want to do so; I think it's a nice feature from Blogger. But the bugs in it make me linking, for example L.L. Barkat's, Seedlings in Stone, with a multiple number of links from my blog. Hopefully that will disappear from that posting in time, and from all others.

I would like to see Blogger fix the problem. But until they do, I opt out of that feature, myself. I've noticed it hasn't been nearly so bad for others, so hopefully many of you will feel comfortable to keep it.

My guess is that the over 100 blogs I had on that list made my blog quite active so that blogs were receiving my links over and over again, and different ones at that.

Hopefully soon I'll list blogs on my sidebar. Just an explanation.


Anonymous said...

that is just the strangest thing, but you know God works in ways that we do not understand, and i think He works through computer blips in ways that we can not even imagine.

all for His Glory.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. I know God is at work in everything. We need to keep that in mind, even when we don't understand, or make think it's trivial.

L.L. Barkat said...

hope they fix it! i know that's a nice feature to have.

Kim said...

Funny, I have this feature on my blog, but I haven't noticed anything wrong with it. Hope you get it worked out...and then again, maybe I just haven't been paying attention ,which is probably the case! LOL Peace, Kim