Thursday, November 05, 2009

in the midst of troubles

It is often easier to have faith for someone or something that is more or less removed from us, than it is for something or someone more or less near to us. I wonder in part why that is. We ought to be most in prayer for what is going on around us. Surely there are a number of factors at work.

We see the problems firsthand, and indeed are often part of the problem ourselves, perhaps just as often unknown to us. This is the beauty of faith and of God's working. It includes everyone. One of the reasons I love the "Our Father", "Lord's Prayer." Sometimes it takes more faith to believe God will change something we've lived with for a long time, than it does to believe God can change something else removed from us. This is why we need to be praying for others with reference to the troubles they live in, as well as persevering in our weakness to hold before God our own troubles, and not give up. We in Jesus need each other, and we need to persevere in faith ourselves in the midst of ongoing problems.

Of course there's much more to say on this, and draw out on it. What would anyone like to add here?

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