Sunday, May 14, 2006

happy Mother's Day!!!

To all of you mothers out there, "Happy Mother's Day"!

I thank God for my own mother who, in the midst of many difficulties in caring for her own mother who had MS, brought me into the world as her firstborn. She sacrificed greatly and daily for many years for me and for my two sisters. She spoke to me the gospel in word and song, over and over. So that between her and Billy Graham, the Spirit brought me to a saving trust in Jesus.

I thank God for my wife- Deb, who has remained steadfast in doing good and being strong in her faith, as well as having fun with our daughter Tiffany. She is a blessing, as a mother here. Her contribution was crucial for Tiffany's life in every way, great and "small".

Thanks to all the mothers out there. Have a blessed and special day!


Drew B Moser said...

glad you found my blog...i'll look forward to reading yours! we rediscovering anabaptists gotta stick together!

Ted Gossard said...


It's a pleasure to meet you by your blog, and I've enjoyed your blog already.

Amen! Thanks for counting me as a rediscovering anabaptist. I do seem to be moving towards those roots, from my Mennonite upbringing.