Friday, May 26, 2006

responding to rebuke

Proverbs talks about the wisdom of listening to a life-giving rebuke, and so coming to be at home with the wise. I remember Dallas Willard, in one of his books stating that in this day and age, rebuke or correction is not a viable option. When one is corrected today, they see their very person as being attacked. Willard is into philosophy, so he understands philosophical influences on people better than most of us.

But I think, somehow, there needs to be space to lovingly correct each other. I can hardly read the New Testament and think otherwise. We need to be open to receiving rebuke or correction. We should not be in a hurry to do this. And it should be done in much prayer.

Recently I received a life-giving rebuke. The person told me that it did not come from him in love, at the time. But it brought home to my mind and heart, a revelation about myself that I had not seen before. I found that in heeding that rebuke God was with me. No, I didn't feel that at first. I was doing what I believed I needed to do. But the Spirit's grace and confirmation of that, did follow. And I felt a true sense of repentance and grace at work, in my life.

Lord, Thank you for your continued working. Let us be a part of that, to, in grace, receive and give needed correction, in your love, and by your Spirit. Amen.


Broken Messenger said...

Beautiful stuff here, Ted. Thank you.


Ted Gossard said...


Thanks. And good to hear from you.


N8 said...

Man, isn't that the truth! It is amazing too how God can do the same. I am humbled to remember the time I spoke with authority that was not my own, and in my next devotion the Spirit led me to the 38th chapter of Job. I couldn't stop reading until God was done scolding me. It was a harsh rebuke because I knew the source was THE Source. But I am glad to be disciplined in love my my Heavenly Father for my own growth.

Ted Gossard said...

Thanks Nathan, for sharing that.

Yes, when it is really of God, it is freeing. Certainly an ongoing part of the growing of the body of Christ together unto the fullness of the stature of the Son of God (Eph).

John Frye said...

Excellent reminders, Ted, about the power of speech for good and for bad. Thanks!

Ted Gossard said...

Thanks John.

Jim Martin said...

Such a good reminder about the importance of being open to the work of God in our lives. Even when his work comes in the form of a "life giving rebuke." Thanks.

Ted Gossard said...

Thanks Jim.