Monday, May 29, 2006


Here in the United States it is Memorial Day. Many of us pause today, in remembering those in our military, who have given their lives for freedoms that we take for granted, here, everyday.

With reference to Scripture, I recently read a profound statement somewhere (I think, from Scot McKnight). Something like this (with my thought added): As we get older, as Christians, when reading Scripture it's not so much that we run into new insights not seen before. Though that does still happen, especially in that through experience and the Spirit's work, we're prepared to receive insights that before our hearts and minds were not ready to see/really understand or receive. It's much more that we are reminded, again and again, of truths vital to our life in God and in living that out, in this world.

Peter talks about reminding his readers of what they've heard before. So does John, who says he's not writing them a new truth, but one they had heard from the beginning. Though that truth becomes new in Jesus, and in us, as a light in this world.

Unfortunately we as Christians often approach Scripture with the attitude, "I already know this. Why should I keep going over what I know (and often, have memorized)?" So we can become slack in our Bible reading.

This is dangerous for us. The writer to the Hebrews warns the readers to be careful, lest they drift from the truth. And that they should have been teachers, but were in need to be taught over again, the beginning truths of God.

Scripture is living and from God. Not just a one time thing in coming from God. But a daily thing in the life of the Church and of us as individuals in the Jesus community. We need it, to ever be reminded and taught by God, of our life in him. So as to grow in him, as individuals and together.

God, Thank you for Scripture, which is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path, in this dark world and in our darkness. Let us ever hold on to this light. Not only for our way, but for others to join us in your love and truth. In Jesus. Amen.

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