Friday, October 20, 2006

being missional

On Benjamin Myers' Faith and Theology blog, he has some good words on being missional.

Being missional is rooted in the loving activity of the Triune God. It is who this God is. And being missional for us, as the Jesus community, is essentially part of who we are in Jesus. So that, as we're following him in this world, we are bent towards mission. As in living out and sharing the good news of God's kingdom and love, in Jesus.

And we come to realize that we are here on earth, now, essentially as part of Christ's Body in the world. To do his works as they are given to us to do. A stretching thought, indeed.

This should shape how we see all of life. Certainly not meaning that we don't engage in what are fun activities for ourselves. But that, in all things, we see them in some way, with reference to our mission in Jesus here on earth. Sometimes that can come across radical, as Paul did in 1 Corithians 7. But in one way or another, it should affect our outlook and what we do in all of life.

Good things to ponder on. What thought or thoughts might you add to this?


L.L. Barkat said...

Hmmm... that's an awful lot of thinking...

sometimes I just need to sleep and dream. :)

Missional Jerry said...

One thing recently brought to my mind, is the need for missional action to arise out of community - not something the community does - but a rsult of who the community already is.

Allan R. Bevere said...


Your post is somewhat reminiscent of Jim Martin's post today.

I have thought quite a bit lately of what retirement means in reference to mission, although I am twenty years away from it. While there will be things I will want to do after retirement, such as travel, it seems to me that for Christians, retirement should provide nothing other than another context for mission.

In other words, I hope to go down with the colors.

Ben Myers said...

Thanks for this, Ted.

Ted Gossard said...


Ha. Yeah, we need to do both. We certainly need God's help in whatever thinking we do. Or in helping us think well, in the first place.

Ted Gossard said...

Missional Jerry,

I think that is an excellent point. It helps us realize constitutionally what we in Jesus, and in the Triune God are. And pushes us to really live like that. Usually through some people in the Body, such as yourself. Thanks.

Ted Gossard said...


Good thought. I hope to do the same. Though only, a little sooner, I have to admit.

We do need to look at our situation and stations in life, including seeming setbacks like Paul did: as opportunities for mission and the advancement of the gospel.

Ted Gossard said...


Your more than welcome. It's an honor. And thanks.

Andy Blanks said...

Hey Ted,
Great thoughts, as usual.

When you said that the missional life can sometimes look radical, I think you are dead on.

So much of the "Hebraic Hyperbole" Jesus used--let the dead bury the dead, if you follow me you must hate mother and father--seemed to be aimed at communicating the extreme nature of Jesus' call to obedience holiness, and discipleship. My take, anyway.

Thanks, Ted!

Ted Gossard said...

Thanks, Andy. Yes, Jesus' call is radical, surely in part- because of the completeness of the revolution that is to take place in him, beginning now.