Monday, October 23, 2006

connecting personally

Last evening we had a home group of our church, in which I think there was a significant connecting to each other personally. And to some degree a connecting together to the Lord.

In much of what we do that is good, we can fail to connect, either with each other, or with God. I often fail to do this in my daily readings of Scripture. I fail to see this as a personal encounter with God. I am working on that.

First we must seek to be walking faithfully with God. As in personal communion with him. This is a walk by faith, not by feeling- though feelings come and go. And from that walk, we encounter others personally. This is a communion that includes God, even if at times we're unaware of that.

Relationship is central in God's eyes. The heart, mind, strength in activities, and life-activity in general are all important, but peripheral to that. Relationship to God, and to each other- in love, is what each of these aspects of life are about, the heart of our living. The Jesus Creed. Loving in response to God's love for us, in Christ.

What keeps us from personally relating to God? To each other? What is the kingdom of God like, as to the place and experience of relationships? What helps relationships become strong and growing, in spite of the difficulties all relationships have? Where is to be our first love? And what does that look like in our lives?


L.L. Barkat said...

I think it takes focus to make relationships strong... too often we spread ourselves around in too many relationships.

If we focus, then we can strengthen these relationships by myriad small acts. I don't think the secret to relationship is monumental acts.

Allan R. Bevere said...


I like your mention of the Kingdom. I do not think we realize that in our fellowwship, Kingdom is supposed to be "happening" in mustard seed fashion. Such a realization, I believe would help us to understand the essential nature of our fellowship with one another in order to fellowship with God.


Adam Krell said...

I think the kingdom of God comes into focus when we take liability for one another. Like in a marriage, an overarching commitment knits people together through thick and thin. Tenacious self-giving, self-denying, status-renouncing love in real, concrete relationships is what the kingdom of God is all about.

Also, consciously affirming one another is so important. It's easy to notice when things go wrong, but when things are sailing along fine we tend to take for granted the many acts of love done for us. For example, with raising our children. We may only take notice when they don't follow some household rule or do something that disrupts. But all the times they are taking responsibility and learning manners and forming good habits we often forget to praise them. I've been trying to be more proactive in thanking my friends and noticing the kind things people do (especially in my family).

Ted Gossard said...


Great points. Focus and commitment is so important. And to keep at the "little" things, in love, so necessary. The monumental do come around, but for the most part life consists of sharing love in myriad small acts, as you say. Thanks.

Ted Gossard said...


Thanks, and great point about the kingdom happening in mustard seed fashion. Looking for God to manifest himself and his work in the small things (Zechariah).

Also great point about the necessity of us fellowshipping with each other, if we're to really be fellowshipping with our Lord. May seem small, but is large in God's eyes, to be sure.

Ted Gossard said...


Great points. Well said and important for all of us to hear and heed.

We can do good, or harm, depending on the "air" we bring in our relationships with our loved ones and others. Your descriptions of what I call that "air" are helpful. Thanks.