Saturday, May 19, 2007

digital camera

Does anyone know how to get pics on profile with Blogger? I'm at a loss and give up for now.


Lukas McKnight said...

Ted, is that you? I have no idea what you looked like, and for some reason I expected you to have a beard. Go figure.

The profile pic on blogger depends on your settings and template. I'd mess with those to get it on your page.

Ted Gossard said...

Thanks Lukas. I'll give that a shot very soon.

My wife got tired of my beard I used to have (with more hair, too- she wasn't tired of that); she said she wanted to see my face naked. So I gave in and now undergo the daily discipline of shaving.


Makeesha said...

in your side bar section there should be an "insert image" or "add picture" option. you should also be able to go into your profile section and add a picture and that should show up in your "about" sidebar.

Ted Gossard said...

Makeesha, I almost went cross-eyed so to speak last night looking at all of that (I think, though I may have missed something), and thought it wouldn't be hard. But I'll do all this later. I have to get ready for something this evening and we have a full day tomorrow. But I think everyone can wait...


Every Square Inch said...


Good seeing you! Assuming you're on the new blogger, you may want to try the following -

To load your profile pic, I think you have to go to "Dashboard". Click "Edit Profile" (it's on the upper right side).

Midway down the Edit profile form, you'll find "Photographs". You can load your photo

Ted Gossard said...

ESI, I'll have to go there again and do that. Somehow I missed it. It must have been close.

I was kind of wondering too if these LCD screens are susceptible to injury. Mine is so large and on the back. Isn't it nicer to have a camera in which the LCD screen is concealed and you flip it out with your hand, move it. Would seem to perhaps be more protective for the screen. Any thoughts out there?