Saturday, May 12, 2007

many things beside the point

In our walk in God in this world, many things are rather beside the point. That is to say, they are fine in themselves and we can and even should enjoy them. But we must not become lost in them so that we're lost to the work and mission in Jesus, we're called to live here and now. This thought is a part of God's will for us in Christ Jesus and of the example found in the Apostle Paul and other like-followers that we're also to follow.

It is important to rest and enjoy God's good things. I think Christians, in our zeal to follow Jesus in mission can forget this. We're to use these things, and thank God for them, while not becoming engrossed in them so that the enjoyment of such is what our lives are all about, like as in "waiting/living for the weekend".

Weekends or whenever your regular time of rest, relaxation and recreation is should be a time of doing the fun or "laid back" things you like to do, and should also be a time of seeking to draw near to God in it all. Too many weekends and vacations in my life, I've been inadvertently lax on the latter. Certain disciplines of love must go on, even if they do take a much different form during such times.

God's will in Christ for us together is what it's all about as we seek to live in mission in this world. Blessed with God's blessings, so we in turn bless others.

What thoughts from your life or thinking would you like to share with us on this?


Every Square Inch said...

I think that's the reason I chose the Piper quote as quote of the week on my blog last week. The point was that we can get so caught up in the gifts we receive like family, vacations, good health, even community but lose track of the Giver who is the greatest gift of all.

Thanks for reminding us again with your post

Ted Gossard said...

ESI, Yes, Piper's quote is good. Paul's point in 1 Corinthians 7 was that in the urgency of the time of mission we live in now, we should be careful how we enjoy these gifts, as you already well know. And in that to really give glory and thanks to the Giver of all, as you say. Thanks.