Thursday, May 31, 2007


This in a way could end up being at least in part a kind of personal confession. I really don't know well enough how just to have fun. Now that's really unfair, because I do have fun doing what I do. So maybe I'm missing the point of what having fun is.

I'm thinking in terms of a fun that involves something of an exploration of our Father's world in terms of enjoying something we just like doing or trying out something new. I enjoy the humdrum of reading. Though for me it's not humdrum at all, at least overall. It's like eating candy. Though I must admit we have a good time "cutting up" in jokes and especially mega-voices to each other, with pet nicknames on our factory floor, particularly me and this other guy; won't tell you what the names are, though I don't think it would offend most Christians.

My parents lived through the Great Depression days, and one thing I did learn from them is to work hard. But they didn't really know how to have fun. Life was all about work; this had become simply a part of their identity. Now I'm taking up a digital camera, and hope that will bring in something different that I can have fun with the rest of my life. Though my experience last night in trying to take pictures became nightmarish, but won't go into that.

What about us as God's people together in Christ? Do we have enough fun together? It's good to be around those who do well in this, though like all good things we can get a bit carried away. I know I do, even in the fun things, but I think sometimes that's good.

What does fun look like in your life, or what thought might you add here?


L.L. Barkat said...

I love to have fun. This makes the hard days go better. And it makes the good days remind me of how whimsical and wonderful God can be. (Have you ever looked at the face of an orchid, for instance? It's just bursting with imagination.)

Betsy Lin said...

Thanks for link to that book on the last post- I will have to check it out.

I dont believe that you dont know how to have fun?! Try dancing- just dance- promise youll get a good laugh and have fun!
Digital photography should add lots of "fun" to your life, although I find it rather addicting, and most often people around are annoyed of my constant eagerness to capture the moment!

Betsy Lin said...

ps: I don't think we as christians know how to "have fun", we throw great potlucks though!

Dave J. said...

Gone digital, Ted? It is fun.

And every picture is a chance to capture God's creation. And a good picture helps you see the goodness in your own creation. A bad picture, likewise your humanity.

If you are looking to post pictures online (and have more fun looking at others), join

Ted Gossard said...

L.L., I hope to do alot more of that, like looking at orchids, etc.

Some of us do seem to enter into it more easily than others. It certainly can be a lift to the soul. Just today our carrying on at work just seemed to relieve some of the pressure. And then I started singing some old Maranatha songs about rest, with some more carrying on, to boot. Yes, we need fun.


Ted Gossard said...

Betsy Lin, Yes, nice idea. Once my wife and I danced. She left me in the dust in fast dancing with the twist. Though slow, I guess I was okay. It was fun, and probably even more funny.

Yes, I have lots to learn with the digital camera. It went awol on me yesterday at our daughter's graduation of all places! They sure are battery eaters too.

And yeah, I don't think Christians often know how to just have a plain, old-fashioned good time. Though you can find some that do. We are good at eating together, true!


Ted Gossard said...

Dave J., Thanks so much for the information. I'll have to check that site out.

In the meantime, I just need to get hold of how this camera works. It really threw me a curve yesterday, all the sudden seemed on some kind of video mode. And before you knew it, the batteries were gone.

I was wishing upon wish that I had my old camera there as well, but not.

I do look forward to really getting into this as a hobby. Like getting into a computer for the first time, it will take me a little time.


Llama Momma said...

Come hang out with the llama family for a few days! We are all about a party. The noisy boys love to have fun, and in a matter of minutes they can turn an ordinary lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches into a party! They make a banner, send out "invitations," gather up their stuffed animals, turn on a little music, you get the idea! I have learned so much about fun from them.

Every Square Inch said...


I've never been known as the "life of the party" but I do have fun. It's generally with my wife and kids. for instance, it's fun to play soccer with my least it's fun now while I'm still better than them and they look up to me...won't be too long before they'll run circles around I guess I better have all my fun now.

Ted Gossard said...

Llama Momma, Wow. That's neat. It is nice to have more than one child so they can play with each other, of course not too far apart in age, either, which works quite well with you folks.

Imagination and the fun that goes with that. And then, just sheer enjoyment of life and playtime in what they really like to do. Brings back memories of childhood, even now, for myself.


Ted Gossard said...

Good one, ESI! Yeah, they'll have fun lickin' you later.

We do enjoy and have fun in different ways. It is good just to be able to relax and have some good laughs and enjoy company or good things togehter, or even by ourselves sometimes. It seems to me we need outlets or we tend to take ourselves too seriously and are serious in the wrong kind of ways, as if everything hinges on us. When we need to do our part in faith, and rest in God. Just my little take from my own experience, I guess.


Cheryl said...

Fun is.....reading your blog. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of your comments on fun. Working can be fun too, as I see the acomplishments and enjoy the results. That is one thing i learned from my parents, that since so much of life is work, to make it fun. Relaxing is an art, and requires us to get our mind off the little tasks that occupy our time. the blog commentors are right about nature. I get to walk with a godly friend through a beautiful neighborhood along Maumee River, with homes along it from the 1880's. Another reminder to me how quickly life goes by and things change. I walk through a cemetary in route, and enjoy the beautiful trees, making note of diffent cemetary stones. Fun for me is taking an hour to walk with a friend, and share our lives together.

Ted Gossard said...

Cheryl, Good and even important to have fun in our work; a gift from God (Ecclesiastes).

And our fun can take on different hues. Like reflecting as you point out here, together with a friend. I guess it's fun for me blogging, especially so when it becomes more interactive.

Sharing lives with each other in community. Yes. Doesn't seem to automatically happen, but that is fun. Being around other people who accept us as we are, and help us grow into who we're meant to be, in Jesus.

Thanks, sis!