Friday, August 03, 2007

faith does not understand

In a real sense faith does not understand where it is or where it is going. For people who like to have all the answers and ready made ones for each question, this is not considered right or acceptable. But I would argue that this is the faith we find in the Bible, from Abraham to our Lord himself. Faith means to keep on going with openness to God with reference to all things. As we are open to whatever God might be doing and speaking into our lives, then we can continue on in a faith which while confident because of God, nevertheless continues on completely dependent on him.

Do we know more than we live out? Yes, of course. But our knowledge is often just paper knowledge. It needs to become a part of this life of faith in the God who is at work in us and who will not let us go until his work is finished. That means this is ongoing throughout all of our lives and is a part of what faith is in this dynamic interface of our lives in relationship to the Triune God, now in this world. And of course, we live this out with each other, in relation to each other and to our world as well.

Why do we resist going on a journey in which we really don't know where we're going? How is this true for us like it was for Abraham, and how is this buffered/made clearer by God's revelation to us of Jesus? Or whatever you might like to add here.


Anonymous said...

that is a good question. i don't know.

Ted Gossard said...

Nancy, just seems to be a reiticence within us, though by the Spirit and the word we can awaken from that to venture forward by faith.

Anonymous said...

thank you :)