Wednesday, August 22, 2007

seasons of life

Right now we're going through an interesting season of life, as we work in different ways to help Tiffany, our daughter get through what's equivalent to a school year to become a Medical Assistant. It's a rather challenging time, as Deb's work is random hours during weekdays, and heavy on weekends. I have to discipline myself to get enough sleep during weekdays, and I must admit, I'm drinking extra caffeine through coffee, lately.

Season of life come and go. I want to do well before God during this season, and we count it a joy to help Tiffany through this time. It would be nice if we could avoid certain inconveniences, though we think nothing of it.

This time will come and go. It's an opportunity to be a blessing wherever we're at, and particularly in Tiffany's life.

When we consider characters in the Bible, not least of which is Jesus, they went through different seasons of life as well. Some longer, some shorter seasons. It's interesting to see what they were up to during those times and how God worked through it all.

Some seasons can be most difficult. It could be a season of struggling with a particular sin or just struggling in general. Other seasons can be rather exhilerating, as when in fellowship and ministry to and with others. Along with the challenges that certainly come with that.

Let's be aware and look at life as opportunities in these "seasons" to learn to love God more by seeking to follow Christ more closely. And learning to love others more in the way of Christ, as well. Hopefully these will be seasons of growth to God's glory so that we more and more see God's kingdom in Jesus at work in and through our lives.

What might you add to this about "seasons of life"?


Craver Vii said...

This may be a tangent, but if we see one year being a whole natural lifetime and compare spring to one's youth, I have had an interest lately in talking about a person's winter season, even though I am barely just past summer, myself.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Craver, Good and interesting thought. Reminds me of Chuck Swindoll's book, "Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life". As I recall, he seems to do that.

I'm probably mid-autumn or later. Though I like the psalmist saying that the righteous will remain green and bear fruit even in old age. Hardly Winter there! But this life does come to an end, and as we're reminded in Ecclesiastes, it does get rather creaky.

Craver Vii said...

If it were up to you to assign age brackets to the four seasons of a person's life, how would you do it?

Ted M. Gossard said...

Craver, Spring bringing new life sounds like birth (or rebirth). So that suits infancy to maybe when one is into their mid-twenties beginning, oftentimes to have their own family. Then we might be heading into Summer, a Summer of responsibility, with all the heat that can bring.

Summer has alot of nice things with it as well, but it can get awful hot. So Fall can be a welcome relief as husband and wife now have an empty nest.

Fall hits, hair is changing color. Harvest of life has come. Though sometimes that's a mixed bag, and we can experience some form of "mid-life" crisis. But fall is pretty and nice and a relief. But it can come into Winter all too soon.

Winter has a beauty all its own that needs to be appreciated. Its cold and the ice as well as life becoming often dormant is a reminder of what happens to us as we age and begin to lose some of the abilities we so long took (too much) for granted. Winter ends in death which is the rebirth into the never ending Spring of eternal life (though, of course, eternal life begins now, upon faith in Christ).

Just a sketch that single folks would have to adjust according to their own relationships and vocation.

But since the Bible doesn't really do this, I tend not to want to dwell on such a thing for long. Though I think some sanctified imagination in accordance with scripture is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

our daughter ( the oldest of the two) turns 20 today. she goes back to college in a couple more days. our other daughter is 10, and will turn 11 in december. thank you for your uplifting message today, to be aware of the opportunities of growth to God's glory.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Nancy, Thanks. The "seasons" are a bit blended for you. It is fun to see the seasons of our children's lives, though it can be quite challenging as well.

Every Square Inch said...


Thanks for your perspective of seasons of life. There are seasons when we walk through a desert and when we camp out in an oasis.

There are all kinds of seasons but as you've pointed out, the presence of God is ever with us. What great news!

Ted M. Gossard said...

ESI, Yes, the desert and the oasis. How easy it is for Christians to give in and give up in the desert, in "the dark night of the soul". Instead we need to be trained to expect this as part of "the normal Christian life".

And as you say, the key is God is always with us through it all. Amen, brother! We need that, and many times we need to hold on to that because as we do, in time, I believe, God will make himself known to us.

Ted M. Gossard said...

The oasis too, That comes out of the desert, it seems to me. Only the souls tried in the desert will be brought into the promised land of blessing as is even seen in Jesus' life (as well as Israel's).