Thursday, August 16, 2007

further take on first responses

The context of Jesus' story of the last post mentioned the kingdom of God, not surprisingly. The unfolding of the message of the kingdom took those who were outside of the kingdom by surprise and they found themselves saying "Yes" to God and his kingdom. While many of the insiders were not ready for this message by virtue of the fact that they thought they already understood what God's kingdom was all about. But they lacked an openness to God and the message of God concerning this kingdom come in Jesus, who was Messiah, but wanted to be known as such only by those with the needed openness to God.

So my last post took that out of context. It is about our response to God's coming to us in Christ. The danger lies perhaps for those who think we're on the inside and have it figured out. While those on the outside may end up being more open to what God is all about in this world, in Jesus and in his kingdom. We say, "Yes," yet end up pursuing something other than God and his kingdom, while others have said, "No," but end up repenting and finding this treasure.

I wonder how God's revelation to us in Jesus of his kingdom affects me and just what my "Yes" to that might mean beyond what I'm living now, or just what my "yes" is really worth.


Anonymous said...

hum...thinking that we have figured it out, get really comfortable in our own little box, judging all outside of our box...ohhh, not good. that makes me think about...being where Jesus is. i want to follow so near that am right on His heels...(that is what my daughter does to me sometimes, not good when she is pushing a shopping cart) anyway, just follow so close that i can almost touch Him...and when He points to something, i will look...and when He says my name, i will hear. i do not go to a place and expect to meet Jesus, Jesus leads me to a place where He is.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Nancy, Thanks about your thoughts on being close to Jesus. That was certainly the passion and heart of the apostle Paul.