Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Difficulties of all kinds readily come into our lives. And some of them can be over major issues, though actually in a certain way, they're all important. Our first reaction tells us much about ourselves. Hopefully we can see that reaction change over time througb our growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

Difficulties give us an opportunity to grow in ways we probably would not have, otherwise. We may not see that at first, only shirking in fear or lashing out in anger- even if only to ourselves over at what has hit us. But in time, usually a short time, we can begin to see the good that can come out of it, as we seek to find and do the will of God for us in Jesus.

We do this through prayer and the meditative reading and pondering of God's word, Scripture. And through seeking to follow through in living that out. And doing so with a renewed dependence on God and interdependence on one another in Jesus.

What have you found to be true about difficulities, that can help us?


Every Square Inch said...

Difficulties or trials make me turn to God. I am so self reliant and proud that I often forget Jesus' words "apart from me, you can do nothing"

Anonymous said...

oh..i usually complain and think that my difficulty is very hard and that i do not want to be the one to put up with the difficulty. then when i settle down and realize that whatever it is will not go away with my complaining and whining and carrying on and feeling totally sorry for myself, at that point i am better off to realize that i need to turn to God and wait. sometimes i do it about then...sometimes it takes longer. there is always something to be learned, and i am continually being taught through difficult times and through wonderful times. and in all i can find something to praise God for. i did not say that i like diffcult times...i just said i can find something to praise God for when going through them, for He is with me through it all.

Rachel Mc said...

There are different kinds of "difficult " times, situations and people and I find myself reacting differently to each one. I used to let my emtions take control, talk/act first, then think later. But I have started stopping myself in a difficult time, and saying a short prayer "show me this persons heart" or "help me to understand" then I just back away and try to wait and listen. Right now my 12 year old is sitting at the kitchen table doing homework and is very angry. I hear him complaining life is unfair. He didn't get all his homework done as soon as he got home from school, so I had to cancel his guitar lesson. He will be difficult all night. "show me his heart ,Lord, and help me to understand 12 year old boys" Amen

Anonymous said...

like you write often, community. sharing difficulties with others and they sharing with us.

sacred vapor said...

Difficulty is something I don't want but feel I need; I don't ask for it but know that I will be strengthened by it. Why must we live in paradox.

thanks for the post

Ted M. Gossard said...

I've been wanting to get back with you about the recent post referring to John Bunyan's, "The Pilgrim's Progress". I still stand tentatively in same position except to say I think it presumptuous for me to say or think that I have such a grasp of both the Pilgrim's Progess and even of Scripture, so as to say with certainty that John Bunyan's work there, with reference to community, does not match the emphasis or ways in which it is portrayed and fulfilled in Scripture.

Yes, it's the hard knocks that help us get out of the lie that we're okay and can do it. Thanks.

Ted M. Gossard said...

So true that none of us like trials, yet I've more than once heard people say that they came to a place or experienced an encounter with God, that they otherwise would not have, so that they were not sorry about having experienced the trial, hard in itself, as that trial was.

Still, I think for some it will take time, given the severity of some trials, Job a prime example of that.


Ted M. Gossard said...

A good prayer to pray, after stopping in our tracks. So good to push the mute button. I could have saved plenty of pain in the past, and still true at times in the present, by doing so. But then praying. Shows where our focus and orientation should be.
Thanks for sharing that. Reminds me of your recent sharing with us.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. We're in this together. I wish I had more time to get on others' blogs. I've been terrible at that lately. Busy and tired. Maybe need to make a point to hit them once or twice a week. No reading for me lately either, other than Scripture. Or next to none.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Paul (Sacred Vapor),
Great thought. Paradox. Yes, in Jesus we do indeed live in that. The Christian life is full of paradox. And when I'm struggling the most, or feel weakest, is when I should be looking to God most fervently. Then I experience his blessing, feel content and good, but easily drift off into self-dependence. Need to keep steady better through both the good times and hard, difficult times.