Wednesday, January 02, 2008

fresh starts

Part of the newness we experience in Christ is to experience needed fresh starts. Of course we need to be endeavoring to be on the Jesus way and all that's involved in that.

There are times in our lives when we need major fresh starts. If we've been failing in regard to a major sin issue that has a grip on us. Or if we've had to work through the crisis of a broken relationship or have experienced the death of a loved one. Sometimes major fresh starts are needed for character breakthroughs. While gradual growth is the normal way of change in Jesus towards likeness to him, there are times when a character flaw in us can push us against a wall in which we meet face to face with the sheer necessity of change, or else- whether entirely fair or not. Of course in all of this, God's hand is at work in the lives of his children.

Also surely fresh starts as needed on a daily basis. God's mercies are said to be new every morning. These starts may be smaller, but they're big in keeping us in the way of the Lord and away from the inevitable sense of vanity, meaningless and transitoriness that makes us life in this world. We experience them in the Jesus way- the way of God's truth and life in Jesus, as we walk in that way.

What comes to your mind on this?


Kim said...

The one thing that came to mind was a conversation I had with a brother on Sunday. He and his wife have had quite a year with many disappointments. After agreeing to meet for coffee to discuss his desire to be involved in Celebrate Recovery, he asked if I remembered how back in school - the chalkboard would be erased many times throughout the day. But it never got REALLY clean until they brought out that big chamois at the end of the day and gave it that final, cleasing wipe-down, making it look brand new.

"Kim," he said, "I'm ready for God to take that chamois on January 1st and wipe away all of 2007."

My reply was "why wait until January 1st?"

Anonymous said...

fresh starts are scary...i actually have to break away from the so called security of the routine, the known. i do admit, however, that when i do break away from the familiar that i hold fast to that i enjoy the freedom of the letting go and some of the changes as well. i think that fear is used in this way by the enemy to keep me holding onto things that i am not to be holding onto.

Anonymous said...

i thank God that he continually renews us and brings us closer to what we are.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, I think I remember that "chamois"(?) or the thorough cleaning of the chalkboard, too.

Yes, we need new fresh starts, and getting to them sometimes requires some stuff- chalk marks- before for all number of reasons, some of which we may never know at least here.

It just seems like in this life we're more or less creatures, ever in need of a fresh start, sometimes big, and routinely "small"- yet important.

Sounds like your brother could use a fresh dose of this from the Lord.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Good points on both of your comments, and for me your first comment is fresh and new.

Yes, we hold on to that which holds us back or worse. Things that may not be bad in themselves, but can become bad since the changes God wants to bring about are hindered or stopped.

And sometimes we even hold on when we know better. So it takes us to respond or be open to God's gracious working in our lives.

The Walk said...

This post reminded me of how greatful I am that we can have fresh starts. I have been so thankful lately at His willingness to both wipe away our sin and transform our pain, mistakes, and disappointments into something new and good.

Ted M. Gossard said...

The Walk,
Amen to that! I want to get a better appreciation of what you say of which I agree: how God takes our past and not only transforms it, but uses it to his glory.