Monday, November 16, 2009

active in God's will

I reposted the Saturday posting on nationalism because I thought it might get a couple more readers today. But I add a short post for any who may have read that one already.

To talk about being active in God's will is indeed a mouthful. It doesn't mean some mindless or dead repetition of works or routines. Though it certainly involves repitition of works and routines.

It involves first of all learning God's revealed will from Scripture and in Jesus. This comes from our own reading of Scripture, as well as our participation in the community gathering of the church. We learn by listening, but we also learn by participation. And in this two-fold dynamic we will begin to sense God at work in our lives. Both in using us in our lives and witness, and in changing us to be more and more conformed to the likeness of Jesus.

For me lately, this means I'm making it a priority to intentionally gather with God's people other times than our regular times, but in more intimate, smaller gatherings. This also involves more openness to correction to critique from others if it happens, and from Scripture itself as I view my life and seek to learn from both Scripture and life with others.

One of my biggest problems in the past as a Christian is that I haven't been active enough in God's will. And God's will while involving acts also involves change in our lives. In our hearts as well as actions in words and deeds. This is the tipping point we need.

What about you? What have you discovered about being active in God's will?


preacherman said...

Great job.

Diane said...


I know I pray to do be God's servant but I do find it difficult to know and do his will. I do however, agree, that our lives must be transformed--that is the fruit of doing His will.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Kinney, Thanks, and thanks for reading.

Diane, Thanks. It is hard, I agree, and I kind of go by thoughts that come to me and what seems to be opening up before me which I think may be God's will as revealed from Scripture and in Jesus. For example the need for ongoing community and an orientation toward the mission of God in Jesus. And with the patience that as I seek to persevere, God will finally get through to me.

I wonder if understanding what the Lord's will is (Ephesians) is to a significant extent given to us along the way as we simply seek in faith to follow. And kind of from one day, or one appointed task (or what our hand finds to do), to the next.

Ted M. Gossard said...

....and I'm also beginning to understand more and more, not just in theory, but with some conviction that God wants to do so much more through the community of believers, even if it doesn't look or feel pretty, or seem to give an great revelation to us. I think it will come and in significant part through others, or alongside with others in Jesus.

Diane said...

Hi Ted,

Blackaby has a study on knowing and doing the will of God, which says that it's less that God has a plan for ME and more that God is at work all around us and his plan is for us to join in that work, which sounds like your discerning the need for Christian community.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for that, Diane.

chasong said...

Hello there,

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There’s been talk of guillotines being imported into the United States and other scary bits of news.

However, I am discussing about them from a prophetic point of view and hoping to stimulate more research and personal study of God’s word and the end times.

If you have the time, feel free to drop by, express your thoughts, and maybe even shed some light for others who come by. I’d be honoured.

Keep shining.


rashida said...

Nice post!!! Thank you for your honest insight about the post active in God's will in this blog. Thanks for sharing in this blog.


Chris said...

Great Post.

Yesterday I found a very lovly collection of stories. People tell how they find on different ways to God. It was amazing.

Here's the link

God bless you