Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In thinking through Ecclesiastes, one of a number of things that stands out is how the one "under the sun" learned, one might say, to keep themselves preoccupied with the good things of life, even including their work. Ecclesiastes is a challenging book to figure out, and how to read it with reference to the whole, as well as its conclusion (commentators often don't see eye to eye on it). That appeals to me, because it seems to reflect life, and our experience of it. It often makes little or no sense, and is full of complexities.

When I'm troubled over life, or my experience of it, I find, evidently like the writer, or the character, Qoheleth, "the Teacher" (or "Quester"- The Message), that I do well to get to the everyday task as well as routines of what I have to do, and am working on besides. Sooner or later I find a kind of pleasure in what is at hand, and I more or less, usually more or completely, forget the troubles, or they diminish. At the same time, I am working on bringing them to God and being in the word, something I can do more or less (a favorite phrase of mine today) all day on my job.

To be preoccupied with the good things God gives us can bring joy, as we receive them as God's gifts to us. And his gift to us includes our ability to work through difficult things in the way of Jesus. And as we receive this good gift from God, we can thank him for the help he will give us to see us through any trouble. And in the end, like the book of Ecclesiastes, we'll conclude that we're called to simply fear God, and keep his commandments. Finding in Jesus and in the way of Jesus a loving and gracious Father.

Any thoughts or something you'd like to share from your life on this?


preacherman said...

The stuggle with me is to be preoccupied with good things of God. When life gets troubled, or my experience with it I find myself doubting God, faith, the good things. Thanks for challenging us to be preoccupied with the good. To look and rejoice over the gifts that God gives us from day to day. Thanks Ted and hope you have a great day!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes, Kinney. I have to keep plugging away and hit while the iron is hot on those things "eternal" that move me. Everything we do needs to be related to that, or in line with it, or we begin to lose out.