Monday, November 02, 2009

what is God doing?

Sometimes we reach stale places in our lives in which it may seem like there's a stalemate. We're doing good things, or maybe in a season of less work and more reflection and reading, but somehow there seems to be something lacking. I think it's good to pause and ask what God is doing, or where God is moving in reference to my life- which I need to plug into and become a part of.

This will take time. Of course the process is in no certain order. The question might come at the beginning of it, more likely into it, or towards the end. And we need to listen to what God may be saying through others, especially through his people, and especially the ones we have fellowship with regularly. Of course including our spouse or closest friends. And those from whom we seek spiritual counsel and prayer such as our pastor.

I am at this kind of place. I see God at work in my life, and moving in answer to prayers (Deb's and mine). But there just seems to be something missing, or lacking. Some work or direction I'm to find or go to. A key in this is to find what God is doing, or how he may be directing me.

We must beware of thinking that something "big" is out there. It's rather much more likely and usual for this to be part of our being directed along the path of good works and activities God has for us in our life and mission here in Jesus; something we must do in God and with others in Jesus. This becoming a part of who we are in the rhythm of our lives.

What might you like to add to this?


preacherman said...

I know that there are definatly times in my life where I get frustrated with unanswered prayers or reach a place in my life or faith where it seems like God is doing absolutely nothing. It as if he is just sitting up in heaven looking down and just watching life take whatever course it will.

Then there are times when I feel like God is doing. Acting and doing something "big".

I know I need to understand that God is always at work but yet there are those times of absence. Thanks for your post today. It has helped me in a huge way brother. I appreciate it!

Diane said...

I know that stale time too and I think it means God wants us to see something and change something but as you say, it can take time.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks. I tend to think that it is those seemingly silent, hard, distant times when God may be doing the most.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes. Exactly. Thanks.