Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blanche B

Yesterday Scot McKnight reminded me of loved ones who have gone before me, and at present are more alive than we are (even in their "intermediate state" awaiting the resurrection). One such saint that I look forward to seeing again, is Blanche B.

She was a single lady all her life. Faithful is one word I think of, when I think of her. And caring is another. She very much cared for us kids. And she manifested her love for the Lord and for people by her faithful ministry in Sunday School at our Mennonite church for many years.

I remember her leading us, probably in singing. And definitely in telling us Bible stories. And I believe she often pressed home to us our need of commiting our lives to Jesus and receiving his salvation for us. We had other good teachers. But she stands out to me. Perhaps because she taught me early on, when I was most influential, and being formed in my understanding of the faith. Even though it wasn't until I was 17, that I committed my life to Christ, yet the seeds she had so faithfully sown over the years surely came to life and fruition during that time.

Blanche, you may not be reading this post, but if you were, I want to say, Thank you. Your heart ran deep for us children. We knew your love, that it came from your heart. Thanks so much for teaching us the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. I look forward to seeing you again, dear sister.

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