Monday, November 06, 2006

confession of sin

Ted Haggard has confessed his sin publicly, and we need to be in prayer for him and his family. I think Scot McKnight points out a problem that needs addressed among us who are evangelicals. This is the problem of unconfessed sin. And a culture, and perhaps a theology that promotes such a problem.

I would encourage any readers of this blog to go over to this post on Jesus Creed today, and think through this issue and discussion together.


L.L. Barkat said...

I like praying the "Lord's Prayer" at night with my kids... we always insert a little confession at the "forgive us our trespasses" and it makes the night seem brighter, lighter.

Ted Gossard said...


I like that. A good family practice. Good and important to put into practice "the Lord's prayer" and to do so with a creative flourish to it that is really helping your family practice it.

I fear the evangelical culture I lived in and imbibed has kept me from taking that prayer as seriously as I should have over the years. Though I'm trying to rectify that now.