Saturday, November 11, 2006

memories of a pastor

I know of a pastor who was dearly loved by his congregation. He was limited in theological education, and was not a dynamic speaker. He had sensed the call of God to be a pastor into his adult life, and had followed this inward urging and conviction.

He was known for spending his mornings walking through the church cemetary faithfully praying for the church, and I presume each person in it. The people loved him. He humbly served, and the Spirit was evident on this yielded, humble, faithful servant of God.

Later he sensed the call to go as a missionary to Africa. So he and his wife (I'm not sure if any of his children remained at home, yet) went. I heard his story through a dear lady whose faith was a light for me and others. I did have the privilege of hearing and I presume, meeting this pastor. May God raise up many more like him. And may we all so follow our Lord Jesus Christ.


Desert Pilgrim said...

Thank you so much, just this morning we were praying along the same lines, that is for those called to ministry.
Please pray for me that I will get a breakthrough to get my blog going again. You are such a blessing.
from Susan, (Desert Pilgrim).

Allan R. Bevere said...


A great story. One of my English professors in college received a call to go to Africa the year before he was planning to retire. A week after his retirement party, he and his wife left for the mission field.


Ted Gossard said...

Thanks Susan (Desert Pilgrim). You are an encourager and a blessing.

From a certain angle, you might find this post from "Jesus Creed" interesting:

I look forward to you posting again, and will pray to that end.

Ted Gossard said...



We have a couple from our church who after retirement felt God's call to go to Chile. They minister there in a home for girls in need. They remind me of youth in their exuberance, being blessed with that along with the wisdom of years in the faith.