Monday, November 27, 2006

continuity and discontinuity

As we begin a new week, we see a new day. Therefore discontinuity, since there can be new possibilities. God is at work in our lives, individually and then together (or vice-versa) to continue to make all things new. If at certain points in my life, people would've told me, such and such will be the case in your life and experience in the future, I would have hardly believed them. Though knowing in my mind, that in theory, with God all things are possible. I have seen this newness in my own life.

There is also continuity. Yes, this is a new week, and another new day that the Lord has made. But in that, God is at work to complete the good work he has begun in us. Therefore the continuity. God continues with us. With us in our problems, hangups and vices. God restores us, in his grace, again and again. But he is at work to change us. That is a work in which growth in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, plays a big part.

God is good. Therefore each day has new and exciting possibilities. God is good, so even through the sameness and humdrum of life, we can look for God's hand (and face) in helping us to live up, by and in his grace, to the level of life we've already attained in our Lord. And to see, over time, and over the same situations, growth and change in our lives. As well as his continued faithfulness when all seems lost.

What do you look forward to, in seeing a new day, and a new week? Where is your expectation from? Do you see God's goodness at work in your life? Do you believe God is for you? He is for us all, and has shown that, and provided for that in the Person and work of his Son, Jesus Christ. And by the Spirit of God, brooding and moving over us.


Lukas McKnight said...


Each time I open your blog, it appears in new colors! How original and it keeps me guessing (wink)!

Ted Gossard said...

Hey Lukas,

Thanks for stopping by. I did find the same setup you have, but couldn't swing it. But I am going to settle for this. Kind of same old same old. But at least I have some variety I can throw in.

Hey, maybe I should have like a revolving light hitting different colors as on those old Christmas trees that were popular years ago. People would keep coming just to see what crazy colors I have that day. Ha.