Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas reflections: the love of God

In Jesus' coming, we have the love of God coming down to earth in a little human baby. This being the beginning of an event that would forever change the world.

God's love gives, not only good things, as well as needed help, to a fallen human race. God's love gives himself. In the mystery of the Trinity, and in the mystery of the Incarnation, we get a glimpse into the mystery of God's love, meant to take us in to become part of this wondrous truth and reality.

This is a love that is not only willing to die, but dies, for the beloved. For everyone who has ever lived or will live. The Christmas story and the Christ of Christmas is for us all. Not one of us is excluded from finding our place in this Story.

I hope this Christmas season, that we'll all reflect on this gift of the Incarnation, anew and afresh. In ways that will cause us, like Mary, to ponder and treasure this wonderful communicative act and event from God to us. The greatest gift we could ever receive and share with others.


Allan R. Bevere said...


Good thoughts. I have struggled with how we take time to ponder and treasure this wonderful Christmas gift each year, when we spend so much time wandering around in search of earthly treasure to give each other.

It is quite difficult to ponder as we wander.

Dan Brennan said...


It's an amazing thing to take in: God gives Himself--not advice, counsel, or even news--but Himself.

Ted Gossard said...

Allan, Thanks. I know what you mean. I really am not fond of the way we celebrate Christmas. Though I'm thinking more of the time that can be put in all of our tradition. Which is okay if in moderation, I think.

But it does make it difficult to ponder the greatest gift, as we wander in search of what hopefully others will like.

Ted Gossard said...

Dan, Yes. And he gives himself to us individually and in community. Both are so important as we grow in our experience of Emmanuel, God-with-us, surely.