Tuesday, December 26, 2006

what is that in your hand?

God's word to Moses speaks to us today. I know a young man who has, in the recent past made a profession of faith in Christ. I know a father who really doesn't want to do the real work of in-depth discipling or mentoring of him, because this young man is in love with his daughter. I know some guys in this church gathering and fellowship, who could do a bang-up job, in this work in relationship with the young man. But they are unwilling to, because they want a book or materials to help them do so. I think their want is valid. And there are plenty of good materials out there to choose from. We have one bookstore where it would take some time to sift through everything to decide what one might like to use with someone.

God's word to Moses, "What is that in your hand?" speaks to us in terms of being faithful to God's calling with the gift and resources he gives us along the way. One fellow, who both seems to live and speak as one who knows God, and wants to see him known, could simply share his life with this young man. Sipping coffee while telling each other their stories, and their thoughts and struggles. Doing other things together, so that this young Christian can learn what it means to follow Jesus. And so that this young man can become bonded to a fellowship of other believers.

We all have struggled believing that we're not capable to help others, or another, for one reason or more. And often the reasons we have are by nature obstacles or problems we face, and need to overcome. However, that is part of what we can share with another, as they too face troubles.

We all have limitations. If we start comparing ourselves with another, or if we worry about measuring up to some kind of standard out there, then we will most likely falter, and not be the help we could be. Instead, let's look at our hand. What has God placed there? What are we to do with it?

I know that this young man could be greatly helped by the fellow I have in mind (and actually, other guys in this fellowship, as well). There are two sides. The young man needs to look for someone he can learn from, in becoming a serious follower of Jesus. I pray this may happen in the near future. And I pray that I too will see the good I can do, the good that is in my hand, and that I'll be quick, with joy- or when it is hard, with faithfulness- to do it. And that this will be how I live.

Do you have anything from your experience or thoughts on this you would share with us?

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