Saturday, December 30, 2006

another year (2006)

Another year has come and is now gone, as we mark our calendars. Alot has happened in the world this year.

Maybe alot has happened in your world. For me it has been challenging in a number of respects. But also a year when more and more I am living in a settled rest of faith in God, even in the midst of difficulties and my own shortcomings.

For me having a blog this year has been helpful. I'm sure the exercise has been good for me, in both regularly posting, and in reading others' comments and postings on their own blogs. For what limitations blogging has, for me it has some blessings. I enjoy getting insights from others. And even more, just the fellowship of meeting other people through their words. John Frye jogged me recently with a comment to that effect.

What about you? What has the year 2006 meant in your life and outlook? How has God worked in your heart and life this year?


Allan R. Bevere said...


Happy New Year to you and yours.

May God bless you richly in 2007!

Ted Gossard said...

Allan, brother- You and yours too!!!

Llama Momma said...

I'm more of a lurker on this blog, but can't resist answering this question. This year has been terrible and wonderful. I've had a paradigm shift in my thinking about God. I trust him now, whereas I didn't a year ago. And this changes everything.

It's amazing because I've tried to create this shift in thinking for years. I've read books and listened to speakers and read the bible. Still, this lack of faith and trust. I made a mental decision to trust Jesus, and one day, this shift. I see everything differently now.

God is real, the bible is true, and I am still in awe of it all.

Ted Gossard said...

Llama Momma, So good to hear of God's working in your own heart and life. Wonderful words! Thanks for sharing that.