Monday, January 01, 2007

looking forward to a new year

I really haven't been much into new year's celebrations. Last night typified my own. I fell asleep at home over a book, some time well before midnight. And woke up several hours later.

I like Karen Spears Zacharias' description of how she sees a new year.

It will certainly be one of challenges and blessings for us all. One of seeking to learn to live more fully in God's kingdom come in Jesus. One of personal growth, and growing together in community, and in outreach to those around us and beyond. Yes, alot more than just what we can get out of it for ourselves (the wrong focus).

May each of you and yours have a blessed and happy new year!!!


Dan Brennan said...


Yes, I went to bed an hour before midnight. I hear ya.

Ted Gossard said...

Dan, Well, I guess I didn't care at all whether I was asleep or not, because I knew the new year would roll in regardless.