Saturday, January 13, 2007

I will wait for my change to come

I like Fernando Ortega's song, I Will Wait For My Change (Job 14) (though he didn't write it). Job, in chapter 14, is longing for a change. For a release, or renewal. Job's circumstances were unique, to be sure. Though in differing ways, we all enter into something of that experience, ourselves. Otherwise, of course, Job would be good literature for us, but nothing more.

Who doesn't have struggle, in seeking to follow Christ? Who doesn't stumble and fall into sin, at times? Who doesn't experience tempation, or feel their own weakness? Who doesn't see need for change?

I do. I see that for myself. Even though I can thank God for his good work in me, that is ongoing. And his good work in others, as well. Still, I know there is much more that needs to be done.

So in the words of the song sung, by Fernando, taken from Job, I fully concur. I look, in grace, for God's hand on me, and on us, now, for change. And I look forward to that great and good and complete change, and renewal that is to come. When at long last, we're really and fully at home.

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