Thursday, January 18, 2007

living with tension

We live in a world of creation, that is under God's curse, and looks forward, in anticipation, to the unveiling and revelation, in resurrection, of God's children (Romans 8). So, along with creation, we live in an already/not yet existence.

Disease or illness or lack of good health can occur because of environmental factors, which can be the chief or contributing cause to such. And if you want something to be afraid of that is in mainstream use, than go to Google search, type in two or more key words, and you'll find it.

This came to my attention yesterday as I was shopping for what I consider a need. Some friends express ideas about a number of things, and they could be right. This altered what I was trying to find, in the products I was looking at. I finally settled on something that I thought might meet their criteria. But later, on reflecting on it some more, I realized I just can't use this version of it, and be able to use this product in my sometimes dirty, sometimes greasy every day world. Haha.

All that to say there is a sense in which we now live in tension. Yes. We want to live well, in a way that promotes our health. But no. We don't want to spend all our time trying to live in a utopia, or in a creation in which we live with no uncertainty, and think we're safe.

Now I'm not saying to go all natural, as in lawn care, or not eat certain processed foods, etc., is a phobia. Not at all! In fact I want to, and have practiced these kinds of things. At the same time I'm unwilling to sacrifice my life, my thoughts and actions, to try to avoid living in or mitigating the environment that has been impacted by the fall, by humankind's abuse of the environment.

There is a tension here. And for those who are called into a kind of ministry or vocation, such as the friends I mentioned above, that focuses on some of this, that, I believe, can be fine. And for us to do the best we can in these areas, as we seek to fulfill God's calling for us in Christ, is also fine. And in some cases may be important for our family's health.

But let's be willing to live in the reality in which we live. Breathing air and drinking water, etc., that may not be completely free of the toxins of our environment. Just living in the real world. And in doing so, seeking to follow Jesus by the Spirit in the community of God's people in mission to the world. Like John Frye, who has a calling from God to go to Ukraine, as he does every so many months. In ministry to the younger generation of church planters and pastors there. Hardly a friendly environment when one remembers Chernobyl, right on their soil. But a land and nation that is a part of Christ's inheritance, and our inheritance in him.

So I'm taking back this impractical item. And will find something I can use, which, while not perhaps as safe, will remind me once in a while that there is a tension we live in now, that we cannot completely avoid.

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