Monday, December 11, 2006

plodding along

Plodding along doesn't seem to be the path God would have his children on. I mean when it is almost an effort to pick up one foot after another, and when one seems to have a heavy and even fearful heart while being more or less disengaged from what they're doing. Though this kind of experience is not a necessary part of what it means to be plodding along, I've been there.

One's heart can be full, as well. Looking forward to some special times and opportunities to come. Yet remaining faithful to the task at hand. And open to what God has for that day, even though it seems to be "the day of small things", knowing that in God's eyes and hands, there can be blessing upon blessing.

Plodding along means continuing. Continuing when there may seem to be many good reasons to quit. Or at least slow down. Or question the entire enterprise. Not that there aren't times for reevaluation of everything before God. There are. But we are not to be easily removed from the task we perceive is at hand from God to us.

I kind of liken this post to a baseball game. Are we satisfied with laying down the sacrifice bunt, or hitting the ball to the right side to advance the runner, or getting the single? Or do we insist on the big hit, the homerun, double or triple- the big play? As in baseball, so in our lives, it's all about team and teamwork.

Plodding along means we do our part. It may not be any lead role. It may not have any notice. And, at times, it may seem mundane and even boring. But it is important, when considered in light of the whole. And as part of God's work in the world. And as a test of our hearts in complying to the task at hand.

I experience this, somewhat, most every day. There are highlights, and some days the highlights seem big to me. But most days consist of alot of time spent engaged in activities that in themselves seem of minor importance and consequence in the world. Yet in these things I look for the silver linings. What God is doing in me during those times. What I am doing, and can be doing for others. And what fellowship I am having with God and with others during such times.

How about you? How do you see your days? And what in your experience of "plodding along" might be helpful to the rest of us?

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