Thursday, November 08, 2007

a great and good read

From Scot McKnight's new (and great) book, A Community Called Atonement: we are reminded of the centrality of the Cross. In Jesus' work for us in the Incarnation, he lives out his perfect life, dies on the cross, is resurrected, ascends to the right hand of God over all, pours out the Holy Spirit from the Father on the day of Pentecost, and is to return in judgment and grace for the consummation of making all things new.

Scot walks us through so many aspects of the atonement and what it means for us today. Initially, in my eagerness, I was flying through it, but before I finished, I decided to restart and read it slowly and thoughtfully. This is the kind of book that, while very accessible, deserves a most careful reading and rereading, and is among those books I will want to go back to.

Scot points out that God turns the horrible injustice in cosmological, political and spiritual terms into a glorious triumph through the Cross, in what ends up being an empty cross because of the resurrection. I can't wait to finish this book, but I gladly take it slow, like good wine.

It is a formative book, not bulky, well worth your time and effort, in fact you'll deeply appreciate it, if you like to work through a subject Biblically. And what more important subject for us than atonement in Jesus, and what that means for us in this world?

Get your hands on this book, and read.


jps said...


I'm glad you went back and started to read it slowly. I, too, had started by devouring it; I'm glad I slowed down and digested it.


joe said...

good review. my coworker just recommended it yesterday.

L.L. Barkat said...

That's what happened to me with Jesus Creed. I was flying through. Then I determined to go more slowly. Then, egads, it was overdue at the library. But I still think about re-reading it, slowly, as you say. It was rich.

Now I'll have to see about getting this one (my reading list is simply too long!)

Bob Robinson said...

Yet another winner from Scot McKnight. I had the honor of reading the manuscript and giving my input. Reading this book was a formative time in my life!!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yeah, I know. It's alright to do what we did as long as we go back and take it slower. It is rich, alot there in not that many pages (177 counting notes and indexes in back).

Ted M. Gossard said...

Joe, (wow, I did it again; you hit a certain key on my keyboard and you lose, in this case an almost completed comment. Hopefully I can retrieve it)

Yes, there is so much here, so rich, and in just a few pages: 177 counting the notes and indexes.

This is a great one to be reading with someone nearby who is also reading it- so there could be some discussion.

Ted M. Gossard said...

You would greatly enjoy it, and really any book by Scot McKnight. Rich input to help us think and live more Biblically, and according to the will of God revealed in Christ. And Scot points out a number of other books that makes you want to read more (at least two come to mind that Scot in this book has convinced me that I want to read soon).

Ted M. Gossard said...

What a privilege and honor you had, but I'm glad you had that, and there's no doubt that Scot would await and value your input.

Yes, this will be a book that helps me grow in life as well, no doubt. I already pick up a sense of that.