Saturday, November 03, 2007

present tense salvation

Yes, what matters about salvation is not so much some commitment we made in the past, what we might call our conversion experience, nor some future hope of "heaven" that we're trusting God for- not to negate either. What matters really is where we are in the present in regard to this. Are we experiencing God's salvation now?

To think we don't need God's salvation now, in Biblical terms is lacking and more precisely is simply a mistake, and a fatal one, potentially, at that. I have those moments and intervals in time, thankfully not often, where I'm at the complete end of my rope, where all in me seems lost and helpless and hopeless. Where without God's saving work I'm sunk. Do you ever feel that way?

That's when we must in faith keep looking to God in prayer. That's when we must ask God for what we can't imagine, for that which seems completely beyond the possibility of our own heart. That's when we seek to pray according to God's will. We seek to pray through God's grace in Jesus, in the Spirit. Or just in our deadness seek to pray to God, at all.

Then God comes by the Spirit for this special need. This will happen if we wait on God, if our hope is really in God. God comes and gives us a new, renewed hope; a new, renewed sense of well-being; a true sense and experience of God's salvation. And from that we do new acts of faith and love.

This all I experienced yesterday.

What might you add about this present tense salvation that I believe is prominent in Scripture, and that we're in need of daily?


Llama Momma said...


I, too, have experienced this salvation, but have never thought of it in these terms before. Thank you for sharing...

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks, Llama Momma.

You have your hands full with your young family and life does not come at us easy, oftentimes. I know we need this special salvation from God in Christ, everyday, whoever and wherever we're at in life.