Tuesday, November 20, 2007

keeping the body in line

Paul made it clear that as for himself, he was going to keep his body in line. Paul knew that unless he did that he could end up losing out in the race he was running for the prize found in Christ Jesus.

Our bodies are where and how our individual lives in Christ Jesus are lived. They are strategic in our quest to live for Christ. We serve God in Christ by faith through them, or else we fail God through them. Jesus talks about this when he speaks of our eyes, or our hands or feet. When we're to love God with all our strength- including our heart, soul and mind- our bodies are alluded to.

It does matter where I look and how I look, with my eyes as a male, or even as a female, for you females also, though maybe that's in good measure related to how you make yourselves appealing to us males, to some extent? It does matter where I go or what I do or even fail to do. Whatever it is in life, we can make or break our walk in God through our bodies.

Jesus used hard words to describe how we should view our bodies if they get in the way of doing the will of God. I take this to mean that we're to take drastic action. Of course such action isn't going to be easy. And we see that reflected in Paul's words alluded to earlier. It will take a ruthlessness and self-discipline from us, but which is of God and God's grace in Christ.

In my theological scheme this whole idea does not fit well, or sit well- though as I think about it, I think it really does. Yes, the body matters, but does so much hinge on what I do or fail to do? It's not like we're going to ever arrive to sinless perfection in this life; I don't believe that. But I've noticed just how crucial our bodies are in this faith that we're to live out in this world.

Does someone have some light on this subject? We could use it.


Anonymous said...

Does someone have some light on this subject? We could use it.

i really like your question...

the part about light,

it makes me feel that all is well as long as we continue to walk in the light. with all the unanswered questions and the struggle with our spirit living in this body of flesh and blood, it is good to know that the Spirit of God and His Light lives in us as well. it is good to know that we are being changed from the inside out. that what we see on the outside is not always what is happening already on the inside, in our hearts. there is a good ole saying...you can't always judge a book by it's cover. and i think that in time certain actions are cut off from our lives becauese of the changes that have been going on within us of our spirit with the Holy Spirit.

Thank You Lord God for your changing Spirit within me!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Great words about the work of the Spirit in our lives. Reminds me of the words, If by the Spirit we put to death the deeds of the body, we will live, for all who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God (Romans 8).

John said...

Good post and good question. Our bodies are definitely temples, and when we sin against the body, we are desecrating the temple. Ouch.

I had to remove certain things from my life to combat sins of the flesh. Got rid of my computer for a few months while at L'Abri. Turned off my Internet. No cable TV.

Only by God's power are these things done, as Nancy said. And our sanctification is a process, sometimes moving in ways we do not see.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Good words. Yes, as we walk in the light, and in/by the Spirit.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Nancy, I forgot that I had already replied. Too much going on, I guess!

Thanks. Yes, in that process- of sanctification- it is good along the way to remove some things.

And with what the world throws at us we have to be on guard. And I've had to backtrack myself and get rid of junk affecting my life.