Saturday, November 24, 2007

looking forward

What is a big enemy of living well for so many of us and for human beings in general? I think it is often the failure to be looking forward to something. Looking forward has the sense of eager anticipation of something good to come.

For us in Jesus we have something to look forward to- the very best- and we have hints and even stronger of that in this life, as we follow faithfully on, after Jesus. And we want to do this together, not just by ourselves, though we must go on, even if others lag behind. But we must also seek to help them catch up, and perhaps surpass us. Though the picture I like is all of us together in this.

Looking forward. That means we're not mired in the past, or simply victims of the present. We have a hope that buoys us even now, and that puts an altogether new and different light on our past. The hope, blessed assured hope- in Jesus, whose incarnation and atoning work stops at nothing, beginning now, and fulfilled in judgment and grace in the end- in the new creation.

I look forward to more of, and a perfection of what I participate in Jesus with others now. A faith which then will become full sight and full realization. And for now by faith we can look forward to God's continued goodness and justice through Jesus- no matter what troubles and difficulties come our way.


Anonymous said...

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

from Hebrews 6:19

preacherman said...

Even though I strive and put my faith the Almighty God I know I have something better ahead. As I live in the relationship with Jesus Christ as a believer I know I have garanetee of heaven. Man I know I can't wait. No more pain. Pain. I can't wait until I have not more pain, but whil I am hear I put my trust in Christ that he is going to provide and know that he will do what is good for me as I follow that will.
Great post brother for the reminder that their is something to look forward to. I greatly appreciate so very much brother.
Your post has given me strength.
God bless you.

Lynet said...

You're right, looking forward is central to living a happy life. For those of us who cannot believe in prepackaged heaven, that often means we have to work to keep hope in our lives of one sort or another. We seem to manage, though.

Anonymous said...

there was a day
it came
it does come
and i was
face down on the floor
i knew my need
and i knew
what it was
there was nothing else
no one could go with me
just one light
and i knew
my heart
it knew

Ted M. Gossard said...

Nancy, Amen. It is an anchor of the soul, keeps us steady enough and good to go through the inevitable storms of life.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Preacherman, Thanks for your good words and encouragement.

I'm getting to experience some pain myself. I stooped over a bit yesterday and I think I twisted muscles in my back and side. Ouch. Could hardly get out of the car in our drive back from Ohio, and it's hard for me to get out of bed or off the couch. I want to go to church gathering and need to go to the nursing home, today. I'm up now, because the pain woke me up. But still I don't think my pain even compares to yours, at all. But to experience no pain again. I'll count it even more a blessing when I get there, I'd guess in a few days or less- hopefully.

Much tougher for you folks who have chronic pain. "No more pain" it says in Revelation, in the life to come. It will be just a whole different dimension which in a true sense and in certain ways we can't imagine, though we do experience a taste of the communion in community in Jesus now that will be then.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for sharing that.

I believe in God, and in God the entire human race being Eikons of God, that is made in God's image, have the sense that community is so important, as God: Father, Son and Spirit- is a communal being. And we sense that relationships are central to life and ought not to end. I believe we get that from our godness in God by creation.

So all hope is related directly or indirectly to that, I believe.

We hope for a better world because we have something built in us that just knows that that is good and right/just.

The Walk said...

Thank you for your post. I appreciate your on-going emphasis on (and obvious dedication to) community as well.

Some days it is easy to look forward, and remember that we are not victims of the here and now. Other days I find it quite the challenge. In moments like that I will ask God to remind me of His grace and love. I'm never too certain if it's the circumstances He changes or my heart, but I always find my eyes opened anew, at least a little.

Ted M. Gossard said...

The Walk,
So very true and thanks for the good comment.

Yes, there are those days when everything does seem a bit or more unreal. Those are the days I especially need to beware and be in prayer. You put all that very well.

Shlomo said...


Hey Ted,

(Sorry that I'm so often late getting in on the conversations here.)

I like the idea of "looking forward," but sometimes, here in this life, it can not only cause positive feelings, but negative ones too. For me this has happened when my hopes either were dashed, as in, "it's never going to happen," or just softly disappointed as "the waiting period drags on from weeks to months to years."

Although I am certainly "looking forward" to heaven, I get a lot more excited when I see the present budding of GOD's Kingdom in the here and now. I love to hear stories of the current activity of the Holy Spirit in our world today. I long to be a part of what GOD is presently doing in the earth. In that I lived through the era of the Jesus Movement, I know firsthand what it was like. Being a bit older now than I was then, I also know that there is a danger of seeking after a fad and not just following the LORD. The promise and the quest for community life excites me a lot now too.

Thanks for writing these many thoughtful and inspiring posts. I haven't responded to half as many as I have been blessed by.

Peace and love in Jesus,


Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks so much for your helpful, instructive words, as well as for your kind remarks.

Yes, I feel the same, though I feel small in comparison to you, as I read the way you express it.

God wants to do so much more than we can ask or imagine. I want to be present in every way for that- maybe as in awake- as well.