Tuesday, March 25, 2008

God has something for you to do

In Jesus, God has something for each one of us to do, something very special. Indeed, we're told that there are works prepared for us in advance by God, that we should walk in those works, that is, that doing them should be a way of life for us.

This is true no matter how down and out you may seem to be. No matter what seems to be against you and me. Or even true, no matter how we may be sinning at the moment, or tempted to sin. Or having to work through a disappointment or ongoing difficulty in our lives. Yes, God is there in Christ, with a special work for each of us to do.

There are general works, and there are specific or special works. Passages such as 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 open up general categories of giftedness from the Spirit to each person in Jesus. I believe there are both constitutional gifts and situational gifts (as in 1 Corinthians 14). They may go together or be related, but not necessarily always the case.

For myself I have something in mind that I can begin to work on for the rest of my life, however long or short that may be. And if I'm right, it's something I rather shrink back from and am disinclined to specifically, though regarding the task generally, it is something I'm very much drawn to.

Be open to the gift and creativity and blessing you can be to others. Whatever it is on your heart that is good, pray and work on fulfilling it. We can be, in Jesus, a blessing to others. God has something special for each of us in Jesus to do today. Let's pray that we have the faith to see what it is, and of course, prayer itself should be one part of it, and sometimes it's the only work we can do for a time. And for some, it is a big part of what they do.

What about you? What works does God have for you to walk in, or do, today and beyond?


preacherman said...

We are blessed.
I am so thankful that God continues to act and work in our lives. We should be motivated by the gift of grace and love that we use the gifts and blessings that God has given us to thank Him, praise Him, with our lives.
I appreciate you doing this post brother.
I has been an encouragement to me.
I hope you have a great day and blessed week.

Anonymous said...

i am beginning to see that if i am existing in the presence of God, that there is a non-ending flow of giving going on to me, through me and around me...and it is all God.

ok...now can you tell me what is the something that you have in mind? whatever it is...it will be good in God.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Preacherman, Thanks for your good thoughts as always, and for your most kind encouragement. You are a son of encouragement, a Barnabas, for sure, and a blessing to us!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Great! Praise God.

Well..., I guess I can say it, and am not 100% sure, but to work on the Revelation, from the Greek and books written on it.

Seems beyond me, perhaps the most difficult book for me in some ways, and have been turned off by prophetic teaching from it, sorry to say.

I have to admit, I'd choose other books to work on. The Revelation has been skipped by theologians such as John Calvin, in his expository work.

But to do that kind of work, one must be in all of Scripture, of course.

And I would like to keep growing as to ministry, as well; but all in all, just want to grow in the Lord and in his will, in my walk.

Thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

oh, i am so glad that you could tell me about what you were thinking of. it is so much easier just to know. i don't know why, but it is. maybe because it helps me to understand.

my thoughts for today are...that God is giving me life and is life and allowing me to really live life (in truth)... and be aware of His presence...take care of what i have... and use what i have been given.