Wednesday, March 12, 2008

our humanity

Yesterday, for a time, I felt "inspired" to do something along the line of prayer, and I sensed the Holy Spirit on me in so praying. This was a good time, right in the midst of busy work, which I had to keep doing, while doing this when I could. Afterwards we had our "devotions" which I'm now leading. That went alright I thought, though by that time, right after lunch, I'm usually ready for a nap.

The rest of the day for me was one in which I felt quite tired, a little discouraged because I thought the point I brought up in devotions was not entirely well received, though I think some did appreciate it. So in the midst of my even more busy work, I tried to talk it over with one, though being encouraged by another who had been present. But mostly, I was just tired and feeling kind of low, or more like in a survival mode in which you're doing well, but could use a nap. Then finally getting home I felt completely uninspired and hit the couch to get a good snooze, which lasted for a few hours.

This reminds me of Elijah, whom none of us would compare ourselves too, though Scripture says he was as human the rest of us. Elijah, bold in the Lord, confronted the false prophets of Baal, and after their frantic prophesyings and prayers to their false god failed, he rebuilt the altar of the LORD in the sight of all Israel. And fire came down from heaven and comsumed the water drenched sacrifice he had made. But then because of Jezebel's threats, he fled for his life, and was despondent enough to ask God to end it there and then. We then see God's care, provision and word to him.

How much like us. We are human; we are weak. This up and down thing is just a part of our lives. We need during those down times to get our rest, and to be still before the Lord, to seek to hear his voice, to wait for him. And to never measure ourselves according to our experience, anyhow- whether up or down, but to ever trust in the goodness and faithfulness of our God to lead us in Jesus, through all the changes and conditions of life.

What would you like to share that could help us in this? Or any thoughts.


Bryan Riley said...

Elijah's life is an encouragement to us, not just because of his humanness and failings, but because it drives me to my knees when I've had the "mountaintop" experience, pleading with God to strengthen me for the valley that lies ahead, that I might not flee from the Jezebel who will want to steal my life. It reminds me of how, but for God's grace, there go I, and I have gone that way all too many times.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen, Bryan, amen.

Fine helpful words for us, and I'm glad you commented early, in the hopes that others might have read them.

Thanks, brother.

The Walk said...

Good thoughts, excellent post. So often it seems that the dark valleys catch me by surprise. Elijah's story is a comfort and an encouragement.

Ted M. Gossard said...

The Walk,
Everything you say here is so true, and part of my experience as well. So that the valleys while not necessarily fun and even hard at times, do not really detract me like they used to, and if anything, like Bryan so well and wonderfully says on his comment, "drives me to my knees" in prayer.