Monday, May 05, 2008

don't be overwhelmed

When I look at problems we face of different kinds, or challenges ahead for me, I can tend to become a bit overwhelmed and want to run and hide from it.

I have felt somewhat overwhelmed lately. I knew Sunday would be a busy day, going to the nursing home not long after church in the morning, then soon after that heading back out for homegroup in the evening.

So I ended up sleeping much of Friday evening with Deb at work. And then felt guilty as I slept in fairly late Saturday morning. Then, instead of getting done some needed reading for this coming week I slept some more Saturday, too much more, and not all on purpose, either. While tired and knowing just how tired I can end up being the first part of a week, I think there was a strong sense of just wanting to avoid the challenge so that I was procrastinating, something I can do well.

Sunday ended up being a blessed day both in our singing and in the word: Psalm 104 at the nursing home, and Psalm 90 with the homegroup. The Lord certainly answered prayer. But I still have that sense of feeling overwhelmed and in over my head with what lies ahead. And also the desire for some real sabbath, so that we can kick back and relax. And enjoy this wonderful Spring, which though just a bit chilly was wonderful in its beauty yesterday, with blue skies all day.

What is there that is good about being overwhelmed, and what are the dangers of that? For me it's good in that I am cast on God in prayer. I know I can't do it, that all is a work of God, but that by prayer he takes us up into his work and does it through us. Not of ourselves, yet we can work in the working of God- even together with him. What is dangerous for me is simply the temptation to want to hide. To think it's too much. We each have our part; it may seem small, but it's significant to the whole. I could see that last night in our homegroup as people participated in our time there.

What helps you to not be overwhelmed with the ongoing responsibilities and challenges of life?

Halfmom, AKA, Susan speaks to this subject on her posting today, so much better than I!


Rachel Mc said...

Actually, I am struggling with this now. I do hide from everyone and I stay by myself..I pray more and deeper and I journal write more...than I tend to be overly critical of myself...
I need to think this thru today.

L.L. Barkat said...

Sleep. Sleep is really good. And in its way, it is also depending on God who neither slumbers nor sleeps.

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

And to add on to LL's comment - He gives to His beloved EVEN in their sleep.

Funny - you and I are posting on similar subjects today - the response to being anxious or overwhelmed!

Anonymous said...

good post, brother.
i will have to think on this.

Ted M. Gossard said...

You're a good writer. I think you ought to consider staring a blog. Blogger is a good place to start, and for me, I'll probably stay since they have this delayed post feature they recently added, which means you can have it sent later at any date and time you set.

But it's good to get your thoughts on paper as you do in journaling. I used to do that some, but could never get much of a head of steam going on it.

I enjoy the interaction with others in blogging. Just to share back and forth.

I identify with you in my own way, as I can easily get turned inward, and that's when unhealthy and untrue self-criticism often occurs. The enemy is happy to help us there, and we're often really quite good at it ourselves.

Not long ago I read some thoughts on the end of Psalm 139 where it says, "Search me O God, and know my thoughts." etc. Anyhow that helped as we can only have a good search go on with the Lord's help. We can't do it ourselves and see straight. But I still have plenty to learn there, as well.

I know you're going through a difficult time at work also. It does make it tougher.

I have to acknowledge that alot of prayer is often needed for me to break out of this. And sometimes it comes in a way that is anything but easy. By faith and right through the hardest part, and then the Lord at times makes his presence known and lightens my load, or enables me to cast it better on him.

Praying for you, sister.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Good point! And I have gotten better at that lately. Confining my caffeine intake to mornings seems to help me substantially in that way.

But yes. It is a practice of faith, as well. I used to stay up before a big event when I should have been sleeping. I mean when I had to do something like teach. I think I've come a long way that way.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Yes Halfmom Susan. And your posting is so much better on this! And what a cute picture of your dog; he's a cutie!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Oh yes, and yes, God does give to us as we sleep, as we do so by faith, I believe. And we certainly are his beloved.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks, Nancy. You're gracious, and it's always good to think on these things.

Anonymous said...

go slowly
talk to God
praise God

Anonymous said...


i think it would be nice if you would blog. maybe write something in there now and then.
and we can comment to you there.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Slowing down. Yes, Nancy. That would probably do most all of us good, most all the time. It is a walk, after all, a walk by faith. How the Christian life, or our life in Jesus by the Spirit is characterized.