Tuesday, May 27, 2008

wanting to, not having to

I'm rewriting this post because I thought what I wrote was unclear at best and a bit confusing at worst.

Wanting to do God's will is what God wants from us. Of course like Jesus we will have to pray at times, "Not my will, but your will be done." It is true that Jesus faced the ultimate test and trial that we won't have to (since he did that for us). But just the same we must live as Jesus did, and that includes accepting God's will over our own will in everything.

The occasion for this thought is from my practice of Bible reading. Too often lately I've been dragging myself through it. It is rather ambitious in how fast I go through Scripture (at least for me) and I have been trying to practice it when first getting up in the morning (not too bad, then) and before falling asleep at night (that can be more of a challenge). And it can take precedent over fulfilling it, as in visiting Deb at times (not in the morning since she works second shift and is not a morning person). Instead of trying to do it both times, I've decided I want to do it through the day as well, when I'm more alert and because I want to, not just because I have to. And not worry about days I may not do it as much. Other days I may do it more.

This leads me to make this application for me and for all of us in our lives in Jesus. The goal should be that I do the will of God because I want to. Now if I don't want to, I can pray that God will make me want to, of course. We do it anyhow, though all hell seems set against us and our own hearts may be frozen or unresponsive and hard to it.

Just a thought and I know it's an undeveloped thought here. But what might you say to help us think through wanting to, not just having to do God's will for us in Jesus?

Tomorrow: chapter 4: "Heron Road - suffering" from L.L. Barkat.


Allan R. Bevere said...


Yes, good thoughts on moving beyond duty; yet our willingness to do our duty as disciples, even when we don't want to is itself a demonstration of faithfulness.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Amen, Allan. So very true, and so very important is the point you mak here!


Rene'e said...

Hi Ted,
I am sorry I did not get a chance to answer all of your questions on JP's blog. I hope some of the links were helpful to you.

I would like to share a post I put on JP's blog.

It is my way of saying why I am Catholic, and describing the way I preceive The Roman Catholic Church.

Peace and God Bless you and your family always.


What it means to me to be Catholic.

You must either be crazy, or led by the Holy Spirit.

Who in their right mind, would want to belong to a Church, that is hated by so many?
Including their own family and friends.
Who would want to belong to a Church, which requires repentance and commitment from their members, both before entering and reentering?

A Church that requires we return insult with Charity, and forgive our enemies.
A Church that gave us God's Word.
A Church that is hated or severely disliked by most of the world.
A Church that is spit upon by some.
A Church that is persecuted.
A Church that has been betrayed by those within her own following.
A Church that is crucified by all, because of claiming Authority, and thereby being declared blasphemous to God.

Sound familiar?

A Church that has overcome these things to still have life within her.

But most of all a Church which no one can give an exact name & date from any history book, of the person who started her.

Yes, I must be crazy.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks, sister.

I haven't been over to JP's blog today, but it does sound like the Roman Catholic Church has a way of dealing with the issue in keeping with their law which ends up not denying the grace of God in Jesus. Just the same, I find their belief on mortal sin and how those with real faith can fall into it, as incongruous with the truth of God as revealed in Scripture and in Jesus.

I like your list and I think the entire church worldwide partakes of that, not just the Roman Catholic Church. And I must say I believe that some of their trouble is brought on by themselves, but I speak as one who does not believe their tradition or any church tradition is infallible.

Thanks again, sister, and God's blessings on you and yours as well.

Rene'e said...

Thanks Ted,

I understand and respect your feelings.

I quess Pilate could have said the same,about Jesus.


Take Care.

Rachel Mc said...

The catholic stuff was crazy - and this is from an ex-catholic who went thru 12 years of catholic schooling...
On to your post, I think that because you had to re write your post best explains my thoughts on the subject. You wanted to post on a particular subject, and the first time thru it didn't come out quite right. You wanted it to be better,
you didn't quit nor did you accept a post that was, say, a c+. Why? Becuase you were striving to give it all for God. Some days your posts are better than others, but the fact that you post everyday speaks volumes of you following God's will, allowing God's plan for you to come shining thru. So, if you have an off day and the post isn't spectacular, you know it, and you recognize it, and work to change it. That I believe is the first step in wanting and allowing your life to be all for God. Many times I have that feeling that whatever I am doing isn't quite right..and I know it is God leading me and I allow myself to be lead. That makes all the difference, listening to God's whispers.

Anonymous said...

i think that you are right in that we all do things for Love. sometimes that means that we want to and sometimes that means that we do not really want to but, do it anyway. sometimes when we do things to show love or respect we are surprised with joy. but, it has to speak truth to our heart and mind for us to accept it.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks, Rachel. 'Tis the nature of posting, I suppose. I want to say it right, even if it's very undeveloped in thought. Posting is bouncing things like that off each other, oftentimes, I think. At other times I'm trying to share something God seems to be bringing to my attention.

But yes, we keep working at it.

One of these days you'll start a blog (my guess) and I look forward to that (if it happens- and like most: it doesn't have to be every day!).

Thanks for your good words about seeking to be all for God and led by him.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for your additional thoughts on love. Yes, I agree. And love expressed that does not take us to or end up in the truth as it is in Jesus is not the love of God in Jesus. Of course we have to express that love to those who don't know him and we may see God's working in ways that will encourage us, but it may take time and likely will.

Anonymous said...

i was thinking of rachel's comment about allowing ourself to be led. that is a good thought for me right now. because sometimes i fight the things that scare me instead of relaxing and in faith letting myself to be led where God wants to take me. thanks rachel

Anonymous said...

i am struggling right in the last few days with the anxiety/depression it is a scary thing and fear does not do any good with it. ahhhh life. this life is not an easy one. thank God for being with me. and i am thankful for my sweet blogger friends as well.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Good that the word from Rachel was helpful to you. I'll be praying for you about this.